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   Chapter 382 A Life Without Much Troubles and Pain

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7605

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She slowly got the phone on the bedside table and opened one eye. She was still in a daze. It read, "I will arrive at the manor today." Her sleepiness totally disappeared!

She jumped from the bed to pack her necessities as quickly as possible. She must leave here before he arrived.

She kissed Nicole's face and said, "My dear, mommy will come to see you soon. Take care of yourself."

Now, I should escape from your daddy first.

Then, she closed the door of Nicole's room and rushed upstairs.

She woke up the servant who was on duty today and asked her to attend to Nicole. Also, she told her that Harry was going back.

Holding her bag, she ran to the door of the mansion as if a ghost was chasing her.

When she was already near the interior swimming pool, she thought of something. Damn it! Why was her response like this? It was as if she was caught having an affair with another man.

However, if she didn't leave, she would be blamed and punished by Harry. What could she do then?

Run! She didn't hesitate anymore and continued to run forward on her heels.

At the door of the mansion

A black Maybach was already parked outside. The driver got off the car immediately and opened the door of the back seats.

A pair of brown leather shoes stepped on the ground. Then, a tall man in a white shirt appeared.

Lola was running so fast that she never thought that she would meet him!

She was astounded and stared at the noble man not too far from her. He...... He said he would return today, right? Why was he here now? It was just past 12 at midnight, but Lola thought he would be back in the morning.

The man also looked at the woman not far away from him. She was dressed neatly and brought her bag with her. He didn't think that she would welcome him on purpose! Such a sweet gesture!

Wearing a smile, he walked to her, "My dear, long time no see. It's good that you even thought of welcoming me outside." As they were closer to each other, Lola's heart beat heavily.

She considered that she could control herself and would not be attracted by him because they hadn't met for such a long time.

However, she was wrong. When he held her in his arms, she stood still and was speechless. Her brain was blank.

On s

She laughed, "How shameful! Mommy has to be carried by daddy."

Due to Nicole's teasing, Lola's face turned red and she jumped from Harry's arms. However, her legs were still wobbly. She would fall on the ground if Harry didn't hold her.

He should be blamed! He never stopped last night... Lola stared at the man who was laughing very happily.

"Sweetie, mommy's legs are hurt. Don't laugh." She pinched Nicole's nose and sat beside her.

On the table, there were various Chinese dishes that Harry requested the chef to cook. There were all kinds of meals like red braised pork, steamed fish head with diced hot red peppers, steamed Chinese sturgeon, eggplant in griddle cooking, toasted duck, Chinese cabbage and fried chicken with lemon flavor. They were having a big feast!

Harry filled two bowls of rice, one for Lola and the other one for his daughter. Then he put the bowls in front of them.

He lifted Nicole close to him and patiently helped her eat.

The atmosphere was relaxing and happy. However, Harry's private phone rung when they were still having dinner.

He put down the chopsticks and got the phone out of his pocket. On seeing the name on the caller identification, he pressed the answering key and the speaker.

Chuck's angry voice was heard from the phone, "Harry. Come out. I want to fight with you!" But Harry still leisurely fed Nicole as if the person that Chuck wanted to battle with was not him.

Lola looked at Harry in shock. What did he do again?! Oh, no...

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