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   Chapter 381 Why was Harry Being So Hard on Him

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7520

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Did he find out something? But they have been away for two months. What could he find out? Was he able to trace that she was pretending to have amnesia? That's not possible...

Harry grinned, "Of course, it's a check-up for your brain. They have advanced medical equipment here. Your amnesia was not a thing of worry to them."

Soon, he would know whether Lola has amnesia or not. How could she dare play tricks on him? She was no match for him in terms of playing tricks. Lola still couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She became so nervous. Harry knew the truth now? How? "Chuck told..." She suddenly stopped.

Lola frowned and pondered if Chuck had told him. "If I know that you and Chuck have plotted together to play tricks on me, you are both dead men." On second thought, Chuck was not worried even when he learned that Lola had amnesia. Lola's amnesia might really be fake.


Things weren't going well. Their lie might come to light. Lola was very worried. She knew what Harry was capable of.

"Boss Si, don't accuse wrongly of us. I would never play tricks on you. I dare not to do so." Her last words was full of sarcasm.

"You dare not to do so?" He asked back. If she dare not to do so, then who did?

If she was working with another man to lie to him... He might need to think of a way to teach her a lesson. A good, valuable beating. Maybe he could...

"Hmmm.... Harry, if I say I didn't do it, I didn't do it. I will not go to the U.S. If you don't believe me, then forget about it. You don't trust me, anyway." Lola tried to hide her guilt with anger.

Her angry reply made Harry smirk. He knew she was trying to cover up with anger. He knew Lola so well now.

Now he was certain that Lola never had amnesia. She was trying to hide the truth with Chuck. She was the same old Lola.

Well, he better shift to another key matter now. "Is your arm okay now?" He saw on the photo that her cast has been taken off. Several months were enough to recover from that injury.

She answered without any emotions, "Yes." On her mind, she was thinking deeply what would happen if Harry found out she was faking amnesia. Harry believed in the "eye-for-an-eye" saying. He would certainly fight back against her and Chu

half year." Chuck didn't know what he was capable of doing? How dare he lie to his face? He even conspired with Lola to do it.

Minutes later, Joey called back, "Boss, Miss Daisy rejected. She said she would pay for the bill herself."

Harry thought for a second, then said coldly, "Find a way to let her take this task. She took it from the beginning, and now she must be the one to finish it. Whatever you do, make sure she takes this task." She didn't have the privilege to choose what not to do yet. Once she was on board, she couldn't get off easily. Harry sneered deep down inside him.

"Okay, boss."

"And you can try to make Chuck's grandfather know what happened between Daisy and him. Make him upset." Chuck's grandfather would certainly press Chuck to take responsibility and marry Daisy.

"... Harry, I will mourn for Chuck for several minutes." Joey said genuinely. Chuck was Harry's good friend. Why was Harry being so hard on him?

Harry sat on the couch, turned on his laptop and replied coldly, "He was the one who did this to himself." Chuck fell in love with his Lola and they both lied to him. He should have seen this coming. Harry angrily thought to himself. He surely thought of Chuck as his brother. If not, he would have dealt with him in a more cruel way.

After hanging up, Joey took the check and did as Harry ordered. He was a matchmaker now.

Another week passed by. One day, at noon, when Lola was asleep, her phone beeped. It was an important message.

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