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   Chapter 380 Don't Ignore My Warning

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7252

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If she had known Chuck would show up and she would see him here, Daisy would not have accepted the invitation.

Daisy went to the restroom; Chuck looked at the direction where she went, then took Lola to meet other people.

Inside the restroom, Daisy sat on the toilet and remembered that night with Chuck. She pulled her hair ruefully.

Even though she fled his apartment before he woke up in the morning, and despite the fact that two months had already passed, she still couldn't help thinking about that night every single day... She didn't know why that memory stuck to her.

Just now, Chuck didn't even look at her. It was as if he knew nothing about that night.

And she already decided to never meet with him again. Even if she came across him, she would act as if he was a total stranger. But why did she feel bad when she saw him again? It's like she was expecting something to happen...

The restroom was like a shelter from all her worries outside. Daisy didn't even want to go out.

But after a dozen minutes of struggling in her mind, she came out of the cubicle, turned on the faucet, trying to pour the cold water on her face to sober up.

But on second thought, she remembered that she wore makeup today.

So she just turned off the faucet, dried her hands and walked out. Not far away stood a man in a suit, his hands in his pocket, staring at her.

The mere presence of Chuck made her heart race fast. She tried to slip away by pretending that she didn't see him.

But at the moment when she almost went past him, Chuck grasped her hand and pulled her into a room.

The room was all dark. Chuck closed the door and let the darkness shroud them.

"Doctor Chuck, what do you want?" She tried to sound calm and casual.

Chuck didn't say anything, but she could feel that he was moving even closer to her.

After several minutes of silence, she turned around and said, "If it's nothing important, I will leave now. I have a partner to accompany." She put her hand on the door knob, then Chuck began talking.

"That night... it was you on my bed." He hesitatingly blurted out.

His words made Daisy's hand tremble with nervousne

lready recovering, a nurse would be enough to take care of him.

The troubles in his company have been solved. Thomas Herren has gotten married. Then he would have the time to be with her now.

The thought of him coming back made Lola's heart jump with joy. He seemed to be gone for ages. Now, she really expected him to return.

But she didn't say anything while Harry added, "You really had a happy life over the two months I was not there. Showing up with Chuck in public and going to his hospital alone for several times." His voice was filled with hatred and jealousy. It may be that he was not in C Country, but he knew everything.

... Geez, she went to Chuck's hospital to change the medication prescriptions and remove her cast. Lola complained in her mind.

Suddenly the liger howled, nearly making Lola deaf. "Boss Si, just enjoy your stay abroad. Don't worry about the things here in C Country. Aren't you tired already? You have too much on your plate right now."

The roar of the liger reassured him that she was at the mansion.

"Lola, don't ignore my warning. And another thing is..." Harry suddenly paused, making Lola a bit nervous. She felt something bad might happen.

She was right. "I will send an airplane to pick you up. You can come to do a check-up while I'm still here."

Lola didn't notice that her voice was trembling. She still played the role of an innocent fool and asked, "A check-up? For what?"

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