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   Chapter 379 The Two Women Smiled at Each Other

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7232

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That afternoon, Kevin came to the hospital to substitute for Lola.

Lola returned to the mansion, played with her phone until the battery was almost used up.

At dusk, Harry called and said she didn't need to go to the hospital anymore. His grandfather had been transferred from the ICU to senior ward, and the nurse he hired had come over.

So Lola went with the driver to pick up Nicole. Harry went back home that night to change his clothes.

Then he hurried to the hospital. Before leaving, he told Lola that he would settle problems in the company as soon as possible. After that, he would take his grandfather to the United States for medications.

He didn't mention how long would it take, but Lola knew it could be a long while.

Around ten o'clock that night. she dialed Harry's number.

"Transfer my shares back to you. All things will be solved then. You need to regain the trust of the people." Were things as easy as that?

Harry closed the files he was reading and walked out of the ward.

"You don't need to worry about that. I will take care of it." He would address this problem before leaving.

Lola remained silent for a while, then uttered, "I've forgotten the past. You don't need to do this for me. I don't even know why you are doing this."

"Lola, you are mine and could only be mine for life. Don't think about anything else." He said firmly. He would sound harsh only when it comes to his possession of Lola. He didn't want to share her with other people.

When the phone was about to be hung up, Harry comforted her, "Take care of yourself. I'll be okay."

After less than a week, Harry took his grandfather to America.

Kevin went with them. Lola was assigned to look after Nicole.

Every day, she would send Nicole to school and pick her up in the afternoon. Then on Sundays, she would take Nicole out and play with her all day. Yet at night, she would still feel a bit lonely. She missed Harry.

Harry had video calls with Nicole almost every day. But every time he asked to see Lola, she always said no.

Time went by. Then summer came. Lola once answered a call from Thomas Herren who told

gown, lot of people mistook her for Phil.

They found out later that she was actually a movie stand-in for Phil.

Then that couple came towards Lola and Chuck. Lola thought that Chuck was acting differently, But she didn't know exactly why.

"Sorry, Chuck. I am late because of the traffic jam." Philip took two glasses of wine brought by the waiter, one for himself, and the other for Daisy.

The two men clinked their glasses while the two women smiled at each other. Both were filled with different thoughts.

Lola noticed the woman in front of her looked uncomfortable. Again, she did not know why.

Daisy tried to manage her feelings and looked intently at Lola. She was so pretty and elegant. No wonder Chuck the weirdo would also fall for this woman.

When Lola smiled, she looked so genuine and sophisticated. Daisy took an admiration for her at first sight.

She remembered that night when she was under Chuck. He called, "Lola...".

That memory made Daisy's heart ache. She was looking so pale now.

"Daisy, what's wrong?" Philip asked his companion, with whom he grew up with. They were really good friends.

Daisy raised her head, smiled and shook her head, "I'm fine. I just need to use the restroom first. Excuse me for a while." Philip told her that she only need to attend an anniversary party. But she didn't know Chuck would be here as well. The sight of him made her feel really uncomfortable.

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