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   Chapter 378 Excitedly Turned His Look

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7409

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That night, Harry has thought a lot and has made a lot of decisions.

Around 7 o'clock next morning

Lola pushed the bedroom door open, but no one was there. Only the quilt was in its original place.

Harry didn't come back last night. Was he that busy and pressured at work recently?

At that moment, her phone suddenly rang in Nicole's room. The maid who was dressing Nicole fetched it for her.

Was it Joey? "Hello, Joey."

"Miss Lola, Miss Nicole will be sent to Blue Sky Kindergarten today. I have told the driver its address. He will take care of it." This morning, he got a call from Harry. He knew right there and then that things weren't going well.

Lola answered okay. But she looked at the vacant bedroom, hesitated, then asked, "Harry... Was Harry in the office last night?"

"No, Harry's grandfather was sent to the hospital last night. They are still at the hospital now." Joey told the truth to her. Harry didn't know Lola would ask about him, so he hasn't told Joey what to do on this matter.

"What happened to Harry's grandfather?" That news made Lola anxious and sad. Harry's grandfather treated her very well in the past. They were very close to each other.

"At first, it was a stroke caused by hypertension. Now, it had led to partial paralysis. He is now at the ICU of Chuck's hospital."

After hanging up the phone, Lola stood frozen for quite some time. She was so sad and tears were welling in her eyes. The news of the sudden paralysis of Harry's grandfather filled her with astonishment. She could hardly take it.

She should pay a visit in the hospital later. But then she remembered Harry.

Harry must be so tired now. He was always trying hard to make her happy while running the company. Now, his grandfather was in the hospital...There were so many things on his plate right now.

She finished breakfast uneasily. She just wanted to rush to the hospital. But today was the first day that Nicole will be going to her new school., and she didn't want her to go through this alone.

So she accompanied her to her new school first. Nicole soon became friends with other kids. She was always a friendly kid.

Aside from that, she was Harry's daughter

are of his grandfather.

But Lola shook her head, "I can take care of him. You have so many things to do in the company. You go back. I will be here." She has planned to leave when Nicole has adapted to her new school. But with Harry in deep trouble, how could she go back to A Country now?

Since she couldn't leave now and had nothing to do in the mansion, she might as well stay here to help him with his serious matters.

Harry shook his no. With the painful injury on her arm, he couldn't let her stay here alone.

"I'm fine. You go home. Thank you for your offer." After grandfather went through the critical phase, he could then find a nurse to take care of him.

"No, you go to the company. I will stay here for you. If you reject me again, I will be angry." She pretended to frown and turned her back against him.

Harry didn't want to upset her, not even a little bit. So he put his hands on her shoulder and said, "Fine, I will go to the company. My father might come at noon, then you can go home to rest." He had many things to deal with in the company as well. He should be present there.

"Hurry up." She began pushing him out impatiently.

Harry saw her impatient look, smiled bitterly and said, "Call me if something happened."

"I know. I know. Stop nagging me. Just go." With so many things in the company, how come he didn't seem worried at all? Lola thought that she was more worried than him. Even she began to feel anxious for Harry.

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