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   Chapter 377 A Stroke Caused by High Blood Pressure

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She's not saying a single word? Harry frowned at this development.

"But her tension finally got relieved after her family reassured her. She wrote down everything she knew."

The report was that her tongue had been cut out by someone she didn't know. They had intended to cut her hands off after, but she was rescued before it happened. She confessed that she had witnessed Naughty jumped into the swimming pool rather than being pushed. But Yolanda bought her with a large amount of money.

Besides, on the day when Lola had a miscarriage, she saw a man leave the villa with a woman in his arms. She didn't realize something was wrong until she did the cleaning and found the bloodstain.

Again, Yolanda shut her up with more money. She also kind of threatened her.

On the day when Lola jumped into the sea, she heard Yolanda was talking on the phone. She vaguely picked up a few words like kidnap, dock or something.

So far, the truth that happened five years ago had been revealed.

The reason why Lola was always in trouble had emerged from the water.

Harry lit up a cigarette and inhaled every bit of it. For a moment, he was speechless. He was totally shocked.

He was consumed by dismay. How could he had been so stupid?

His heart ached at the thought of Lola's grievance over the past few years. He felt very sorry for her.

"Harry Si, I'm not what I used to be. I'll let Yolanda wait and see. She knows how much she owe me. I'll make her pay for this. I won't let it go for your sake." He recalled her words when they met by the sea back then.

After a while, he rubbed his aching eyes, and spoke in a calm voice, "We won't touch Yolanda Mo. Leave her to Lola. Kill the killer who works for Yolanda Mo. Make this possible!"

He plunged into guilt and despair. He would never be able to make amends with her for his wrong accusations.

Now, he was going to take action and fight back. And the first thing to do was to fire Leo and ruin his reputation in the field. He didn't care about the shares in his hand. This was not about the money anymore.

Joey took notes carefully, though he had no idea what had happened.


. That's what worries me."

But with the development of modern medicine, hemiplegic patients can make clear progress as long as they get proper treatment. They could even be all right one year after the stroke. All they had to have were money and resources.

Both of them were shocked. They didn't say anything for a moment. For Harry, that was really adding insult to injury.

So was to Kevin. He had lost his wife within a year. Now, his father suddenly got stroke while his son was in the hardest time of his life. He had been taking too much hits recently.

"The first half of the year will be the best chance to apply treatment. Maybe you could bring him to America. They have the best resources there." Medical care in C Country lagged behind America. Since money never had been a matter for Harry, an American hospital would be the best choice for him.

So he nodded. Then, Grandpa's hospital bed was pushed forward by the nurses.

He was lying in bed with tubes in his body. He looked so pale and was still unconscious. And then, he was moved to the ICU.

It was past midnight already. Harry stood by the window of the hospital. He put out his cigarette, and went back to Kevin. Kevin was sitting on the bench, his hands on his face in dismay. "Dad, you should go home. I'll stay here. You take your rest."

Kevin didn't move. He simply shook his head. He'd rather stay here than lie in his bed with open eyes the whole night.

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