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   Chapter 376 You're A Nagger

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She treated her so well, but Nicole wouldn't leave her father. Nicole must have inherited her ingratitude from her father, Lola sadly thought to herself.

Harry parked his car at an intersection and said, "You go home first. I will take Nicole to the hospital." He couldn't let Lola see Chuck again. He would not risk that chance again.

"No. I will go with you. I can manage myself." She said in remorse. She would not follow Harry's orders anymore. In fact, she rebelled against it.

"Just go home. We will also directly go back home after Nicole's wounds are taken care of."

"I'm not listening. I'm not listening. You're a nagger! You won't boss me around." Lola covered her ears and interrupted Harry's words.

Nagger? Harry raised an eyebrow and asked, "Lola, did you just call me a nagger?" He simply warned her, not daring to be too hard on her.

Lola heard Nicole's giggle and replied, "Anyway, I will go with you. Nicole is also my daughter. Why you wouldn't give me a chance to take care of her?" Unbelievable. Harry thought in disappointment. She's still the old, grumpy version of herself.

Eventually, Harry shook his head helplessly and took Lola with them to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Chuck has just came in.

He looked at them appearing in his office. He was confused and worried. What happened? Why was Harry holding Nicole. Why was Lola standing beside him?

Harry observed Chuck's expression. Great. He was a bit happy inside. Chuck looked so energized and glad. The woman must have done her thing.

But Lola suddenly rushed to Chuck. "Handsome, you are here." She stood beside him and held his arm.

This turned Harry's face into an angry and upset expression. He knew something would happen when Lola saw Chuck. That was why he didn't want Lola to come with them.

"Come back here. Hey." He ordered the obviously excited Lola. His wife held another man's arm? That feeling sucked the life out of him.

Chuck put on a big smile, stood up and said sweetly, "Lola, why are you here? What happened?" He would have acted more intimately with Lola to irritate Harry if Nicole wasn't here.

Chuck led her towards Harry. "Handsome, I want to be with you. See, I have a cute

would know if Lola was faking amnesia. If she was... He would never let her go, this life and the afterlife.

After sending Nicole and Lola to the mansion, Harry returned to the company.

Inside the office

Joey was reporting the latest developments to Harry, "As you have ordered, Cherry's family has found out the details of that night between Cherry and Herren. Her father has met with Thomas Herren. It is said that there may be an engagement. Talks are progressing." What Yolanda did has made Thomas Herren unavailable. He had no time to find Lola now. In some way, Yolanda helped Harry.

"Well, that's good. What else?" Harry cheered up when he heard this good news. Whether it was Thomas Herren or Chuck, as long as a man was around Lola, he would push them away one by one. Nothing could stop him.

Joey then remembered something and said, "Yolanda has moved to a rented house. Due to the lack of money, she had been silent recently." But there was always a lull before the storm. It was always that case. He must be careful.

"And what? How about what happened in D City five years ago?"

"Our man found the maid Betty, but her tongue has been cut out. She's not saying a single word. She is leading a miserable life now. When our man asked about what happened five years ago, she was too scared to say anything." That woman was really cruel. She did such horrible things to an innocent person. She must have done worse to Lola. Harry was lost in his thoughts again.

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