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   Chapter 375 My Daughter's Medical Expenses

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7257

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"Then did Harry step down already? Tell me." Lola asked calmly. Harry was too sophisticated and he would not be forced down that easy. He has all the connections and the abilities. She totally trusted in his ability.

But maybe he has encountered some difficulties along the way. It was always the case for every person anyway.

"Well he has not stepped down yet. But soon my husband will pull him down. How powerful can a man be when he is mesmerized by a woman? A woman like you." Jenny teased, but with a little hint of jealousy. She still remembered the overwhelming shock when she learned that Harry transferred so many of his shares and properties to Lola and Nicole.

Indeed, a woman could never be happier than Lola. She has all the money and resources in the world now.

"Mesmerized by a woman? My husband may be young, but not stupid. Years of fighting and struggling in the business world have made him fully capable of dealing with such trifle." The pride and confidence in Lola's voice hurt Jenny's complacent thinking in the matter.

They were at the same age. But why could Lola marry a man who was so young and handsome like Harry while she herself married a 50-year-old man? She looked so desperate and weak.

That anger added more impatience on her voice. "Didn't you have a divorce before? But you still address him as your husband. Are you not ashamed of yourself? By the way, if he is really your husband, you better seek help from your family to save your so-called husband."

The remarriage between Lola and Harry hasn't been made public. Thus, few people knew about this.

"This is not your concern then. Maybe you should put more thought into finding an out for Mr. Xia, your husband. Harry will put him in doom if he found out about this." Suddenly a man's voice came from behind, attracting people's attention to the door. The man wore a dark suit, a white shirt under it and a blue tie. His eyes were dark and cold.

"Dad!" Nicole rushed over and flew into his arms. Harry held her up, staring at her in a gentle and sweet manner.

The whole crowd stood still and looked at them. Of course, Jenny knew Harry. Harry's appearance s

her of what happened, the principal felt as if the sky would fall. Harry was the biggest investor for the school. Ever since Nicole registered here, the money Harry funded was enough to build another high-end kindergarten.

Now, if he stopped funding, many parents would then transfer their children to where Nicole was. After all, Nicole was a walking advertisement for any school...

No, that couldn't happen. She must contact Harry and reverse the situation as soon as possible.

On the way back, Lola has said a word after thinking for a long while, "Since you want to transfer Nicole to another school, maybe I could bring her with me..."

"Lola, my wife, you think too much. You need to recover first. You focus on that." Harry interrupted Lola's words. He knew what was on her mind.

He also doubted whether Lola had amnesia since her rejection to him was just like what she did before. It seemed like nothing has changed.

Lola bit her lips discontentedly and turned to Nicole, "Nicole, do you want to come back to A Country with your mother?"

Nicole looked at Lola and remembered what Harry once said to her. She shook her head, "Mom, can you stay here with us? I want a complete family." Dad told her that as long as Nicole didn't come back to A Country, mom would stay in the manor.

She was very frustrated as she stared at the innocent Nicole. She didn't understand why Nicole just didn't want to come back with her.

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