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   Chapter 374 Nicole Hit Me

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7349

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Chuck abruptly hung up the phone. He looked at his bed with mixed feelings.

To think about it intently, he was the one that took the initiative last night. But that woman Daisy was also to be blamed. After all, she forced herself into his house. Then her loss of virginity was a lesson to her.

Lola strolled to the maple forest where there were two lines of little golden maple trees. It stretched for over a kilometer. She stared at them in awe.

The last time she wandered in a maple forest with Harry was in Canada. At that time, they were deeply in love.

Even these little maple trees were planted here for her. Harry did it especially for her.

Maybe several years later, these little trees would pierce into the sky, and cover the blue tapestry with their majestic leaves.

Behind Lola came some footsteps. She turned back and saw the maid Chang, who was also at her age.

At the sight of Lola, she said anxiously, "Ms. Lola, there is a call from the school. Something seemed to have gone wrong. Miss Nicole asked you to answer the phone."

Nicole? Without a second thought, Lola trotted back into the mansion. She picked up the phone and uttered breathlessly, "What's wrong, dear?"

With scratches on her face, Nicole pouted her mouth and glared at the tall girl beside her whose hair was also in mess. Hearing her mother's voice, she cried out immediately.

"Don't cry, Nicole. Tell mom what happened. Calm down, okay?" Lola could do nothing now but to anxiously listen to her daughter cry.

Nicole was sobbing heavily. "Mom, that big girl said you were a bad woman. She said you stole daddy from other women." She already beat her up, and now she wanted her mother to teach that stupid girl a lesson as well.

.... What Nicole said filled Lola with sorrow. Was she really a bad woman? Did she really stole Harry from other women? Alas, these were just some silly things that she did in the past. After all, she could not be blamed solely for it.

"Nicole, don't cry. Do you think mom is a bad woman?" She tried to comfort Nicole.

"No, you are the best! She was talking nonsense. I don't believe in any word she said and I must beat her up." Suddenly, Nicole raised

ildren. These ill words should have never come out of a kid's mouth. Please do know that."

Lola's scolding made Jenny feel more embarrassed. She snickered, "Lady, these are things we all know. And my daughter is not the only one talking about it. You can't just criticize her like that." The internet was full of reports concerning the scandal involving her, Harry and Yolanda. And now she was playing innocent? No way!

Jenny's reply upset Lola. She retorted coldly, "I don't know who else talked about it. But I know your daughter has said such things, so I have the right to have her guardians investigated for legal responsibility."

Jenny's face turned white with fury. "Harry is about to be toppled off now. How can you still swagger here so confidently? Oh, I almost forgot. Your own family is quite influential. Jordan is a captain in the military. Maybe he will back you up?" Jordan was in A Country. There was no way he would intervene in matters in the C Country. Jenny knew all about it.

How did she know Jordan? That's strange... Lola looked at her confusingly. Finally, she remembered. She familiarized herself with this woman five years ago when Wendy lost her virginity to Jordan in D City that night. This woman was with Jordan.

But what was she doing now in C Country? And what did she mean by saying Harry was to be driven out of office? Did things in the company get worse? Oh, no. Harry must be in too much trouble and pressure now.

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