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   Chapter 373 I am Not Lola

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Eason saw the door of the apartment open when Daisy put her finger onto the fingerprint lock.

Since Daisy could open the door, Eason didn't doubt her anymore. He just told Daisy, "Take good care of Chuck. I'll go back home. Thanks." She felt so helpless! She didn't want to take care of this man!

Still, Daisy tried to smile, "All right, I will." Indeed, the man who had paid for her mother's medicine bills threatened her if she did not act for his cause. She had no choice but to ask for Chuck's help.

She was confused and wondered why that man badly wanted to get her close to Chuck.

She helped Chuck into the apartment with so much difficulty and finally closed the door. Then they walked into the bedroom.

"Such a heavy guy!" Thanks to her regular exercise routines, she was able to push and carry him. If not for her, he would have slept on the hallway.

She opened the door of the bedroom and struggled to pull him onto the bed.

But he didn't let go of her. So they both fell down to the bed.

The next minute, he held her tightly and Daisy heard a name of a girl from his mouth, "Lola."

Who was Lola? Was she the woman in the entertainment show business before and the wife of Harry right now? Chuck suddenly kissed her when she was thinking of it.

She froze when he kissed her. For a moment, she didn't know what to do.

She forcefully pushed him away and he fell back on the bed.

Indeed, Chuck was just attracted to the smell of her body lotion. The truth was that he was thinking of Lola.

But the smell had gone far now and he had to get close to her.

Chuck reached for her hand as soon as she got up.

She shouted, "Let me go, Chuck! I am not Lola. Look at me carefully! You're drunk!" Though they stayed in a bed, the man was still thinking of another woman. How sad she was!

"You are noisy... Don't be too loud." He kissed her again. Daisy tried to get away from him, but he didn't let her go.

Later that night

Lola locked herself in the cloakroom and didn't open the door regardless of Ha

ally a decent woman.

She had a mother who had been undergoing chemotherapy for a time now. But it was not a problem. There were a lot of doctors in Chuck's family. There would be no problem if they got married to each other.

"Harry, just wait and I'll seduce your wife!" Everyone has a desire for revenge and Chuck was not an exception. He was going to get Harry's wife. He wouldn't let anything and anyone get in his way.

Harry laughed, "Chuck, the one you should consider is your wife. Not my wife! Be warned!" However, Chuck impressed Lola a lot indeed. He had to watch out for him.

The two men said nothing more. Though Chuck was really angry, he knew why Harry was acting like this.

If his wife was Lola or even other woman, and she was liked by others, he would certainly get angry and jealous.

Not to mention, it was the narrow-minded Harry. Harry actually cut him more than enough slack already. He was being considerate.

"So, should I say thanks to you?" The atmosphere was getting a little awkward.

Harry got up from the bed and drew back the curtain. He saw a woman looking up to the sky in the Maple Grove nearby.

He smiled with the corners of his mouth. "You are welcome, brother. I will go and celebrate your wedding. I will even pay for it if you want." Strictly speaking, he was Chuck's matchmaker! And he was good in it!

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