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   Chapter 372 Thank You For Taking Care of Mr. Si

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7783

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How about the future? Would she just be a stalemate in Harry's authority? But the expectations on Nicole's sweet face made it hard for her to make such a decision.

JDLH Restaurant

Harry had a dinner appointment here tonight, and later a wine party with Samuel.

When he arrived at the restaurant, it was already eight in the evening. He came in when the other shareholders just drank to their heart's full. He sort of intended to time his arrival like this.

He instantly drove away the nonsense in the room with his charisma. "Boss Si, please come in."

They politely welcomed Harry to the seat of honor. Because of his tardiness, Harry offered to drink three cups of wine as punishment.

When their talks and conversations ended, he hurriedly rushed to the bar for the wine party.

By the time he arrived, Harry began feeling light on his feet. Maybe he drank too much earlier. He calmed himself a bit and Joey opened the door for him.

Inside the room, Eason and Samuel were already singing some love songs while Chuck and Ella were drinking wine and listening to them singing.

When they saw Harry, the crowd except Chuck all started asking him to drink as punishment.

Eason put down the microphone, popped open a bottle of Brandy, filled a glass, then passed it to Harry.

Harry drank up the first glass, then the second. When it came to the third glass, Joey couldn't help but intervene for the sake of Harry. "He has drunk a lot just now. The third glass may be too much for him."

Samuel looked intently at Harry. Indeed, he looked like he has already drank enough. So he said, "All right. All right. That's enough. Let's give him a break and skip the third glass." Then they all sat down comfortably. Harry felt dizzy, so he leaned against the couch.

"Harry, how are things going in your company?" With a serious tone, Eason asked Harry curiously. Harry closed his eyes. He really didn't want to worry about business matters right now.

"I am about to get the shareholders' support. The next step is to deal with these opportunistic companies." He would never let them go easily. He would teach them a good lesson.

A chilling hatred rose from inside Harry.

The room quieted down. Then Harry seemed to have remembered something. He opened his eyes and looked at the unusually

d arm. Or it would hurt again...

The stink of the alcohol made Lola sneeze. "Lola, are you sick?" He turned her around and asked her in a naive tone.

Harry's mouth even made the stink worse. Lola pinched her nose and looked in disgust at the smirking Harry. Oh, he was so drunk!

"Can you at least get a shower?"

"Of course, but you must come with me. Help me." Then he put his face close to Lola's. Lola pushed his face aside and dragged him to the bathroom.

She opened the door, stood behind him, then kicked him inside.

With a loud slam, he locked the door of the bathroom.

Harry rubbed his hand on the part of his waist where Lola just kicked and thought satisfactorily that Lola's temper hasn't changed a little bit.

With an idea in mind, he began to take a shower.

JZ apartment

When Eason helped Chuck to his apartment's door, he was surprised to see a woman waiting there.

Daisy heard the sound, then raised her head. She looked confused to Eason.

"You know Chuck?" He pointed at Chuck in his arms.

Daisy frowned at the alcohol smell, but still answered, "Yes, I am a friend of him." How much did he drink? Daisy pondered. He looked so wasted already.

A friend? Eason examined Daisy intently in surprise. Chuck had a female friend? That's unheard of! What kind of friend was she?

Wasn't he afraid of germs? She cannot touch him, right? It was a serious psychological illness. That's why he didn't have a girlfriend. Chuck hid his girlfriend from them? Eason speculated on this in bewilderment.

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