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   Chapter 371 We are Just Strangers

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After bidding Mrs. Du goodbye, he reminded her to take care of Lola and not let her do anything. Harry then hung up the phone in relief. He decided to come home early tonight.

Lola took Nicole out for shopping so they had dinner outside.

They returned to the mansion at past eight that evening. Telling from the silence inside, Lola guessed that Harry hadn't come back yet.

She could hardly move because of her wounded arm. But she still managed to help Nicole take a bath and got her to sleep. When these were all done, it was almost 10 o'clock p.m..

She silently crept from Nicole's bed and walked out. Harry's bedroom was all dark, and so was his study room. Maybe he was still not back.

She passed by the room full of their pictures. When Lola looked closer, she saw several new photos in which Nicole was playing happily in her school.

Then she closed the door. After a short while, she heard the familiar sound of a car engine from the ground floor.

It must be Harry's car. When she thought of Harry coming back, Lola's heart began to race really fast. She rushed to Nicole's room, jumped onto her bed, hugged her and closed her eyes.

Harry walked in with big strides, then rushed upstairs without even taking off the blazer hanging on his arm.

He opened Nicole's bedroom door. It was totally quiet, as he had expected.

Lola and Nicole embraced each other and slept sound together----a scene he wanted and was most happy to see. Just seeing them like this made his stress and exhaustion just go away.

As long as he would see this every day, he could work all day without feeling tired.

He then leaned down and kissed both of them. Instantly, Harry's familiar smell filled Lola's nose. Lola, though pretending to be asleep, still couldn't help but blink.

He then gave a glance at Lola's arm. It was still in a cast. He might as well go back to his bedroom and take a shower first. Harry thought to himself.

The door was closed gently, so Lola was a bit relieved. But what would Harry do? Did he go to work or did he sleep already? She could sense that Harry was already tired...

She was deep in her thoughts for almost an half hour. In the end, she sat up from the bed and decided to take a stroll.


ld take the spoon and feed Lola. Only then that she will have a spoonful for herself.

And when something fell to the ground, Nicole would walk before her to pick it up.

Nicole often said sweet words to her as well. "Mom, I love you so much."; or "Mom, you are so pretty."; or "Mom, you are awesome."; Things like these would melt Lola's heart...

She was away from Nicole only for a short time. But Nicole seemed to have grown up a lot.

At dinner, Nicole got some food with her chopsticks and put them on her dish. "Mom, your arm hurts so let me take care of you." Her thoughtful words nearly made Lola cry.

When the maid was giving shower to Nicole that night, Lola played with her beside the bathtub. But Nicole was not a little baby now. So basically, they were just chatting.

The maid then left after putting Nicole on bed and cleaning the bathroom.

After thinking for a while, Lola asked, "Did daddy spend time with you and play with you recently?" She knew how busy Harry was. But she didn't want Harry to ignore Nicole just because of his work.

Nicole nodded and answered seriously, "Dad went to see me every day. When he is busy, he would always call me. He is really a great father."

Nicole's answer set Lola's heart at peace. After putting Nicole to sleep, she took a quick shower.

Leaning on the sill of the bathtub, she sighed and thought of how time just flew in her life. She has already stayed here for two days. Time just flies when she was with Nicole.

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