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   Chapter 370 Felt Insulted

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He stood up immediately. His eyes were fixed on Daisy. She was lying on the bed, still in shock.

Chuck knew he had mysophobia. He had dated eight girlfriends in the past. Four of them dumped him because of his phobia for germs. They couldn't take it anymore.

The other four tried to hug him once but it always ended up in naught. He would just always move far from them. So, he had to break up with them.

Sometimes when Lola pulled the edge of his clothes, he had to make an effort not to frown. Deep down him, he was annoyed.

But just now, this woman was lying on his bed and was just under him. Strangely enough, he did not suffer from any symptoms. This was the first time! How could this happen?

As a force of habit, he pushed her away immediately and quickly changed the bedding in front of her.

Daisy bit her lips as she watched him changing the sheets. She felt so insulted. "Doctor Si, are you aware that this is already an illness of yours? Serious mysophobia is a psychological illness. I think you should consult a psychiatrist for help!"

Chuck paused when he heard those words. With a cold face, he ordered, "Get out."

She was talking too much. In his opinion, her mouth should be sewed up by a thread and a needle! It was really annoying!

Daisy pouted sweetly. She deliberately sat down on his newly-changed bed. Then the next second, she touched his quilt...

Chuck's eyes widened in anger as he quickly walked to the shelf. There, he found a sharp surgical knife. With the knife in hand, he walked to Daisy and stared at her furiously.

Daisy was not afraid of him at all as she was a professionally trained in martial arts. She has a black belt in Taekwondo.

She quickly reacted and raised her leg, trying to kick the knife out of his hand. However, Chuck dodged her kick by quickly moving to the side.

"You've got some balls! You better watch out!" She snapped at him with a scornful look on her face. 95% of the men she fought with lost to her. Daisy was confident to win this battle as well!

She attacked him once again. Chuck knew she was a worthy opponent so he tried his best to avoid her kicks instead of fighting back.

However, in the end, she still managed to kick the knife out of his hand. She stepped on the knife with a victory smile on her face. Without hearing any protest from him, she locked his hands and gave him a powerful shoulder throw.

Chuck landed on the bed. He was absolutely beyond rage as he reached for her hands and pulled her to his chest with all his strength.

As a woman, Daisy was not as strong as Chuck. It may be that she was quicker, but strength was not her forte.

Eventually, he managed to have

ey knocked on the door and walked inside.

He came in with the latest news: "Boss, Daisy entered Chuck's apartment successfully last night. She stayed there till eight this morning. They left the apartment simultaneously." Joey had no idea what was going on.

He did not understand why Harry would send Daisy over to Chuck. Without raising questions, he continued in his professional voice: "The securities reported that Daisy looked distressed when she came out. She was not wearing the same clothes as she walked in the night before." Did something happened between the two?

"Noted. Go and pay off her mother's medical bills for her. Tell her to be prepared for her next task." Harry briefly gave orders without even looking up.

He was quite satisfied with the result. One Daisy should be enough for Chuck's attention. Maybe that girl was really something. If not, he did not mind sending more women to him until he would never think of Lola again.

Eason once said that Chuck felt deep emotions for Lola. Was that really the truth? Joey was puzzled. But it was not a good timing to ask his question. He knew that his boss was still stressed out over the negative happenings in the company. He retreated from the office in silence. Harry Si had his hands full these days. He should not bother his boss with unnecessary troubles!

Around noon, Harry got a call from Mrs. Du. She told him that Lola arrived at the manor.

Today was Saturday. Nicole was waiting happily in the house. Harry knew she had longed for her mother. He casually asked Mrs. Du how the meet-up went.

Mrs. Du reported to him that everything went well just like usual. Harry was slightly confused. After all, the bond between a mother and a daughter was strong! It cannot be withered by even the strongest storms!

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