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   Chapter 369 Severe Mysophobia

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"What are you doing? Did I already let you in?" With his foot, Chuck blocked Daisy from trying to follow him in and glared at her angrily.

Daisy cursed in her mind before she begged him with a sweet face, "Please, Doctor Chuck. Just for one night. I can sleep on the couch. Please!" She was really having a difficult time. She would not beg like this if it's the other way around.

Chuck pushed her impatiently, but she grasped his hand right away. With a single powerful pull, she forced him outside. Then she opened the door and ran into his apartment. She was really desperate.

Chuck looked at his hand touched and pulled by the woman just now. He frowned as if a nauseous germ has spread throughout his body.

He glared at the rude woman, then rushed inside in big strides. He better pull her out while his hand remained contaminated. He was so disgusted right now.

Daisy shook his hands off and pleaded with crossed hands, "Doctor Chuck, please. As a saying goes, 'Doctors are angels.' And angels save people, right?" He----an angel? A pure devil from hell. She complained deep down inside her. But she has to be very kind to this man. He was her only escape.

Chuck didn't want to waste words with her. He pulled her wrist and began to walk her out. After he will get her out, he must give his hand a good cleaning.

With great strength, Chuck dragged her to the door. But at that moment, Daisy gritted her teeth in determination and raised her right leg. "Bam!" The door was kicked shut.

Chuck looked at the slammed door, released her hand and called 911, "Hello, is this the police..." He didn't even have time to finish his sentence as Daisy took away his phone and hung up the call.

This turned Chuck's face pale with fury. He was just about to take out his scalpel, but remembered that she knew martial arts. So his threat of the knife was of no use.

He had no choice but to control his temper. He asked sarcastically, "Who sent you here? And for what? You have an explaining to do!" He guessed that the one behind this trouble must be Harry.

He was right. He knew it. "I don't know exactly who is behind this. But when my boss answered the call, he addressed that person as a Joey. But I don't know a Joey." She was also quite confuse

Get inside and wear your own clothes."

Looking at the door and then to herself, Daisy was enraged.

When she gets out of this room, she will beat up this man!

Why on earth would she need to meet such a weirdo? He was so mean that his towel couldn't be used.

This was simply terrible! Hopefully, he wouldn't do more silly things. Or she would lose her temper.

She put on her clothes in haste, pulled the door open and stormed outside.

Chuck was not in the bedroom. He just threw the towel into the garbage bin with only his thumb and forefinger on it.

After tossing it away, he clapped his hands in disgust. Daisy saw this and she thought of an impulsive thing to do.

She will help him get rid of his phobia for germs tonight.

Without saying anything, she lifted his collar and pulled him to his bedroom.

Seeing that Daisy was going into his bedroom, Chuck popped his eyes wide open in surprise. Of course, his look just added insult to injury.

With all her strength, she forced him inside. Then they stumbled to the bed.

"How dare you?!" Chuck tried to stop her when he realized her intention.

But Daisy ignored his threat. She pulled him to the window, then threw herself on him.


Their whole world stopped and they were in deep silence. Chuck waited for his nausea to come, but it didn't.

He then realized the severity of what happened. He then moved closer to her and pressed himself on her. The sight of her surprised look added to his impulsive desire...

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