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   Chapter 368 Not Qualified for the CEO Position of the SL Group

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7955

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Lola immediately shook her head, "You can go to address these important things first and come back to me later." She eagerly hoped that he could leave as soon as possible. It was impossible for her to go with him.

With mere disappointment, he quickly walked towards Lola and sat beside her.

He held her in his arms and passionately kissed her soft lips.

He might be busy in the following days. Something was going on in the company. But he would pick her up as soon as he finished his job.

"Take care of yourself here. I will let the plane pick you up whenever you miss me." Although he knew that she would not miss her, he still held on to his hope that she would regain her memory.

Now, whatever he said, Lola could accepted all. She nodded, "Just go ahead. I will call you when I want something!" It could be assumed that he just encountered an urgent adversity in the company. Otherwise, why would he leave suddenly? It was strange and unusual.

He deeply looked into her eyes and grabbed her hands, "Please walk me out. Together!" She didn't refuse.

They stepped out of the villa together and said goodbye with Lola waving her hand in fake gratitude. Harry quickly drove away from Li Manor.

She didn't walk back into the dining room until the car disappeared in her sight. However, instead of feeling happy because she was free, her heart was filled with anxiety and sadness.

In the next few days, Lola quietly recovered at home and she only went to LN cafe occasionally.

Harry did not contact her since he left. It seemed that he already disappeared. If Lola didn't know there was something wrong with his company, she would certainly think that he just took this opportunity to get rid of her.

She missed Nicole so much, but she could not call her in fear that he might discover her disguise.

On the fifth day, a news burst on the website, "The CEO of the SL Group is against the whole board!"

"Harry might lose his position in the SL Group!"

"He protested to the members of the board of SL because of a woman! He truly loved her! What a man!"


From the context of the news, she almost knew what happened.

It might be that Harry divided his sixty percent of share into three and gave his wife and daughter twenty percent, respectively. So the board tried to counteract on this!

Together with the interior

evator arrived at the 22nd floor, Chuck stepped out as soon as the elevator opened. He was in a black suit.

A woman was squatting at his door. When she saw Chuck, she stood up excitedly.

"Mr. Chuck, I finally met you!" Daisy's lovely eyes smiled in a way that they actually bloomed. But it was not a real smile.

Upon seeing her, Chuck recalled that night and his anger burst out, "Why are you here again?!" Did she want to explain that someone forced her to stay again? He disdainfully looked at the woman in a black furry dress.

Judging from her appearance, she was not a gentle woman. It was wise for him to stay away from her.

She pitifully looked at Chuck, "My boss says that the distinguished guest demands me to meet you today. If I cannot stay overnight, I will be killed......Please don't let that happen to me."

"Dai......could you avoid lying to me? Please?" Chuck impatiently interrupted her, without any intention to allowed her to enter his flat.

Seeing his impatient expression, Daisy wanted to kick him. But she was just a miserable loner right now. She needed him. She had to meet him so she could survive.

It seemed that she was extremely willing to see him. How ridiculous it was! "Chuck, I sincerely didn't lie to you. Could you do me a favor and let me in?" Her boss told her that he had already dispatched people to monitor her around the flat. If she was just at the door of the flat tonight, she would lose everything.

Chuck didn't intend to respond her. He opened the door of the villa with his index finger on the fingerprint lock.

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