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   Chapter 367 Either to Obey or Just Get Out

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7070

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Chuck suddenly remembered the words that Harry said yesterday. He pulled his hand back. "You look pretty good now. I'm going to make more rounds and come back to you later. Rest well." He patted her on the shoulder.

Lola nodded and watched him leave.

She didn't look away until her jaw was held by a strong hand. She turned her face to his. "Lola Li, how dare you flirt with a man in front of me!" Harry said in a very sour tone.

Lola slapped his hand, but he didn't let go of her. His eyes stared at hers intently.

"Keep your hands off me! It hurts...Please." She was annoyed by his hard grip and almost bit him in disgust.

He immediately let go of her when she complained that she was hurt.

When they were arguing, Jordan pushed the door open.

He looked at the two and smelled a fight in the air. He found that his sister was wearing a fake indifferent look while Harry's face was dark and angry.

Clearly, she has annoyed him again and pretended to be innocent.

"Here's your breakfast. The army is calling. I have to go now." He said, while putting the lunch box on the table. He quickly slipped out the door.

Harry calmed himself down, walked towards the table and opened the lunch box. He took out her food first. Although he was so angry, he didn't want her to be hungry.

When they finally finished eating, Chuck returned from his rounds.

"So, you're that free? Don't you have anything else to do? You're a busy man. Why do you always come back here?" Harry said this in a harsh tone when he saw him again.

Chuck denied this. In fact, he was very busy. "I just came back to check her out."

"Does my wife need you that much? She has nurses in here, anyway." Harry stood by the window, and leaned on the table. He was thinking of the next steps to tease him, this good friend of his.

When Lola was about to engage Chuck in a happy chat, Joey stepped in just in time.

He glanced at Lola in the bed, and handed over a bag to Harry.

Harry opened it, and a shadow of a smile showed on his lips. He took something out of it and laid it on the bed.

It was a marriage cer

you with me. I can't just leave you alone." He got up on his knees, and finished with that statement. He was worrying about her arm.

… So, the word "fine" meant this. Nonsense!

At that moment, Harry's phone rang. "Speak!"

Lola didn't know what the other side was saying, but she saw him get very upset. And after a while he blurted out, "It's my company. I own the right to deal with the holdings. Tell them either to obey or just get out!"

"Deal with the holdings?" Lola caught few key words. What did he mean by that? She knew that he had transferred his holdings to her and their daughter. But what happened? Was that a problem?

"The board?" He laughed in an ironic manner. "The earth moves without them. They're worse than useless. Am I feeding pigs? Take their holdings back. Who's the instigator of this movement? Find it out. I'll kick him out."

So, something was wrong with the company? She observed his every expression. "I'll be back. Force them to wait in the office." He said at last before hanging up.

Lola turned her eyes away at once as soon as he was turning his eyes on her.

But Harry didn't miss the squint in her eyes when he said these last words.

"I'm leaving for C Country. I wish you could come with me. But if you say no, I won't force you. Just do what you want." Harry thought that since she lost her memory, she might feel insecure and lonely without him.

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