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   Chapter 366 Are You Molesting My Wife

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Lola removed all her doubts and shook her head to her father. She had persuaded her parents and conspired with them about her plan to fake a loss of memory. She did this before Harry arrived.

Angie took out the millet soup and the vegetable dishes, but Harry took them from her before she could walk towards her daughter. He said to her sweetly, "You can leave it to me, mother!" Then he made his way up to Lola.

With Harold's help, he made Lola sit up and lean against the side of the bed. He then began to feed her with the soup and the other dishes.

Lola was really curious as to why her mother just accepted the fact that Harry had called her "mother".

But she could not ask this as Harry was still here. She could not blow her cover so she only kept it inside her heart.

"Mr. Si, you haven't had dinner yet, right? You can go and get something to eat and I will take care of Lola." Seeing her son-in-law feeding her daughter so lovingly, Angie felt a little embarrassed and stared at her husband.

She was preparing to take a dish for both of them, but she was stopped by Harold. He said that Harry did not deserve their care. He could still remember what he had done to their daughter. He only deserved a good, tough beating!

He was the CEO of a very big group of companies. Yet, he was so caring and sweet to Lola... She was now getting convinced by this man. Now that Harry had been showing his regret and sincerity, her daughter should be happy from now on.

"That's okay. Mom, you can go back with dad. It's getting late already. I'll order someone to send my supper here. Thank you." He understood their thinking as parents. They were protective of Lola's well-being. He would not be bothered by it at all.

Lola had a sip of the soup, then looked at her parents. She told them, "You can go back for a rest, mom and dad. You've been so busy today!" They need not worry about her. She's already feeling better, except for her arm.

Harold was also relieved when he saw her daughter being taken care of so carefully. "So let's go!" He said to his wife. Then they walked out of the ward together.

The corridor was silent as there was no one there but the two of them. Angie looked at her husband and said, "Do you think I'm not angry at him? I know what he had done to our daughter. But, as a CEO of an international group, he chose to swallow his pride and chase Lola.

still better!

"You're welcome. Just go back home! And take care!" Actually, Harry envied Jordan very much. He had his wife and child waiting at home.

But this happiness was unavailable for him. He had pushed his wife away, and was always looking for trouble for himself. He deeply regretted everything that he had done before.

After Jordan left, he cast an eye on his wife who was still sound asleep. He then returned to the sofa and continued working.

On their second morning in the hospital, Lola washed her face and rinsed her mouth with the help of Harry.

Just sitting on the bed, she saw Chuck and several other doctors and nurses making the rounds in the ward.

Seeing she had recovered her happy spirits, he said, "How are you feeling now?"

Regardless of the expression of her husband, Lola caught her doctor's sleeve and said in a little seductive tone, "Dear doctor, why are you so late? I've been waiting for you..."

All the doctors and nurses were astonished at her gesture.

Chuck was usually really weird and strange. He seldom had intimate relations with others.

But now, a woman said something to him in a very sweet tone! It's really jaw-dropping!

More importantly, Chuck also caught her hand with a smile, and replied gently, "If you want to see me, I can stay with you a little longer."

Yet, seeing their two hands together, Harry threw a killing sight from his eyes, and said coldly, "Chuck Si, are you molesting my wife?"

People at the side all opened their mouths wide. It's incredible! This woman had been married, and married with Harry Si?

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