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   Chapter 365 What Happened Five Years Ago Happened Again

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7421

Updated: 2018-08-01 15:32

Lola lowered her head and complained, "You're taking advantage of me. I don't want you near me!" That bastard Harry always lied to her. Even when now that she had fallen ill, he pretended to be her husband.

With caring and pity in his eyes, Harry combed her messy hair with his hand. He reassured her, "Honey, several days after you get out of the hospital, I will take you to our home to visit our daughter." For all she had forgotten, that would help her regain her memory.

To their home? To C Country? Oh. No. If she returned to C Country with him, she would be bound with Harry forever. He would not let go of her anymore. But her fake amnesia was intended so she could get away from him...

"You are... What's your name again?" She widened her big innocent eyes, and stared at him. But the next second, her look shifted away.

He answered her patiently, "Harry. Your husband."

"Errr... Hungry?" Her response created an awkward mood, throwing the entire ward into silence.

He emphasized again, "Woman! Remember your husband's name is Harry. Do I need to teach you how to spell it?" These words made Lola's heart tremble.

She should have followed. "Nonsense. Do you even know me? How dare you call yourself as my husband. We don't even know each other."

... Lola remained silent. It's like time was just flying by... What happened five years ago happened again----the same place, the same two people.

Only his voice was less bossy and cold. It was more caring and loving now.

But she.... Now, she was not who she was five years ago. Back then, she ended up with several times in the hospital.

These tragic memories shrouded Lola's clear eyes with sorrow. Harry looked at her with affection. He tried to comfort her more, "Honey, are you thinking of something? You seem so upset." He then fixed her hair behind her ears while looking at her with kindness.

She looked back at him, shook her head and remembered a saying, "I sort of remembered something, but now I forgot." It would be great if she really had memory loss. She could start all over again with him----the sweet and loving him.

Maybe then, she would spare no effort to be with him. But she was not having an amnesia. Their sa

ther, good evening!" Harry greeted.

Harold glared at him in shock. "Boss Si, that greeting was too much for us." He jested.

Harry harmed his daughter so much. How could he forgive this man easily?

Angie nudged the angry Harold, nodded her greetings back and said politely to Harry, "Mr. Si, you are a busy man. Why don't you come back to your office first? We are here to take care of Lola."

She was also enraged to see Harry here. But since he had showed his will to change, she would give him a chance then.

"That's all right. The company is run by several senior executives. I could be here to take care of Lola. Thank you for the concern." He didn't mind Harold's bad attitude because his worry for Lola could be understood.

After all, Lola was his daughter. If Nicole was harmed by a man, Harry would do much more than giving that man some mean looks.

Harry's greetings confused Lola. But she didn't ask or said anything for fear of letting the cat out of the bag. She didn't want him to find out about her secret.

What made her even more curious was why her parents accepted such address.

Maybe because she was still his fiancee despite the fact that a wedding hadn't been held.

The sight of Lola soothed Harold's anger a bit. He walked to her and asked, "Lola, are you okay now? Are you still hurting? Tell me." His daughter was really ill-fated----she just recovered from a broken leg. Now, she was hospitalized because of a broken arm. Alas!

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