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   Chapter 364 Gradually Recover at Home

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7044

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Soon after, Lola was truly asleep. It was totally dark outside when she woke up.

Harry had been accompanying her since she fell asleep. Although he was reading and reviewing work files, he became alert as soon as she opened her eyes.

"You finally woke up. Is there anything still wrong with you? How are you feeling now?" He put down the files and came closer to her. He was so concerned.

Thinking of what happened earlier, Lola told herself that it's time to maximize her acting abilities.

Then, she strangely glanced at the man beside her and asked him, "Who are you?" It was just like the scene in the TV series.

...... Harry became depressed immediately. He found that she was completely unacquainted with him and had truly lost her memory. He gaped in disbelief.

Pressing the calling device, he wanted Chuck to reexamine her again.

"I'm your husband. You don't have to think about anything else. You just need to take care of yourself." Touching her face, he said this gently and sweetly.

Husband...... Go to hell! He dared to cheat at me again! Lola pretended to be shocked, "You're my husband? Then who am I?"

The man smiled, "You're absolutely my wife. Your name is Lola Li! We also have a lovely daughter named Nicole." He lovingly told her. His every word sounded so beautiful.

Blinking her eyes, Lola acknowledged that she had a daughter, but she refused to become his wife!

At that very moment, Chuck pushed the door open and entered the room along with the nurses.

Harry was not in a sound mood, so Chuck suspected that Lola had already deceived him.

"She has revived, but it seems that..... she cannot remember anything. Please reexamine her." The man said in a very anxious tone.

Harry's mobile phone vibrated on the table. He strode to it, looked at the caller identification and connected to the call. Then, he walked out of the room, "How's it going?"

Inside the room, Chuck put down his hand that was going to turn on the apparatus and stared at Lola who relaxed a little bit. "You're extremely fine except the fracture on your left arm. You don't n

lanced at him again and entered the room.

Chuck was bewildered. They already remarried? Really? It seemed that Lola did not know it. Maybe Harry went to D City to handle the procedures alone?

Looking at Harry gently comforting Lola, Chuck turned around and left.

In the room, Lola was thinking about something. She rolled her eyes in disgust. When she saw Harry, she dragged the quilt to cover herself again.

Was she so afraid of him as she covered her whole head with the quilt again and again? What was happening? Harry helplessly pulled back the quilt in case that she couldn't easily breathe. He was worried.


"Hey devil, you go away!" Lola laughed under the quilt, which made Harry think that she quivered because of fear.

He unexpectedly became the devil when she woke up? He was the one taking care of her! Harry did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

He held her tightly. She still had the quilt in her arms. She lifted her head a bit. "Take care, your arm is still wrapped with gypsum." He gently lifted her arm.

"Where is my boyfriend?" She cautiously asked him.

Deeply frowning, he put his hand behind her neck, pulled her close to him and kissed her red lip overbearingly. It was a hard, passionate kiss.

He let go of her after a long time despite her struggle. "Please remember your husband is Harry Si!" There's no such thing as boyfriends!

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