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   Chapter 363 May I Pursue You

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A few minutes later, he shouted, "So what's it gonna to be?" The man's loud voice startled everyone in the room.

Chuck put down the stethoscope and turned off the device, "She's suffering from trauma. There is nothing serious." But why was she unconscious?

Hearing this, Harry was relieved but still felt something was wrong. "Since there's nothing serious, why is she still unconscious? Is she just sleeping?" He stared at the woman who was sleeping soundly.

Having checked the nursing record, Chuck was sure there was nothing serious, "Please be patient and I'll check later. Let's just wait for some time."

Harry put down her hands and walked to Jordan and Joseph, "What actually happened?"

Joseph shook his head helplessly, "The police has been checking and monitoring information. No response until now. We have been waiting for a long time already." Hold on, my sister. Stay strong.

Harry frowned and looked at his watch. "It has been three hours and there is still no result! Useless fellows! They should be fired!" He quickly went out of the ward and called his connections in the police.

Making sure Harry had gone out, Lola opened her eyes in an instant.

It was so sudden that Chuck was surprised when he was observing the wound.

Lola supported her body with her unhurt arm and sat up. She poked her head outside and made sure Harry was not nearby.

She said to Chuck, "You tell him that I lost my memory later! Okay?"

What? Chuck was overwhelmed. How could he lie to a man who was serious with his woman?

"Okay? If you don't agree, I will tell Harry that.... I will tell him you touched me just now!" The three man and the nurse in the ward all got shocked and bewildered.

Chuck tried not to laugh and replied, "You lost your memory? That's a good reason. But you have to grant me one request if you want me to agree."

Lola was becoming a

ack to her. Hearing his footsteps coming back again, Lola was so scared that her heart was hammering in her chest.

He sat beside her and put her hand on his lip, "Lola, I miss you already. Please wake up quickly." He wouldn't forgive himself if there was something wrong with her. He should have done something to prevent this.

If he hadn't made her angry, she would stay in C Country with him. Then she couldn't put herself in danger.

Hearing his words, Lola was relieved. It was really sweet. She didn't know why he was murmuring to himself when she was sleeping.

"Lola, I have begun to prepare for our wedding and it will be more grand than before. Please wake up as quickly as possible."

"Lola, the list of the richest persons in the world has been updated and you are the second. Would you like to be the first on the list half a year from now? I could do that for you"

"Lola, you must not detest me when you become the richest woman in the world."


Lola's tears almost fell from her eyes. His words were so stirring...

The setting sun shone into the room. The scene was golden. Harry said, "You are like the sun in my heart. I cannot miss you in my future... Or I'll get so crazy..." He whispered sweetly into her ears.

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