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   Chapter 362 Don't Talk to Me Anymore

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But he knew the check carried Harry's blessings, so he just accepted it. "Harry, I will help you persuade and talk to my sister." He was such a good man. Only his sister was good enough for him, Joseph determined.

Harry nodded then Joseph returned to his room.

He knocked on Lola's door. "Come in." Lola was casually playing with her phone. Thanks to the room's sound-proof structure, she didn't hear both men's conversation outside.

She thought the one knocking on the door was a relative, so she let him inside directly.

At the sight of this tall familiar figure, Lola was unable to believe what she just saw. She rubbed her eyes, blinked, then become certain that the man was indeed Harry.

No wonder she heard the sound of a plane in their yard.

"Who let you in? Get out of my house now!" She shouted at him rudely. To a scum, there was no such a thing as politeness.

Harry closed the door, walked to her bed, and sat beside her.

"I am here to explain why I got hurt." He held Lola's hands, but she just shook it off.

To prevent him from touching her again, Lola covered herself with her quilt. She shouted, "Get out. I don't want to hear your explanation. Don't talk to me anymore."

Harry put his hand on the quilt, then leaned forward. "Honey... Please." He whispered sweetly in her ears.

His breath nearly paralyzed Lola. She felt like she was floating on air, so soft and feeble.

"If you are unhappy..."

"What I feel is none of your business. Get out now. Or I will get someone here to drag you away." She turned back, and stared at him. She won't yield to him again.

"You can't be mad at me. If you are too mad to come back, the beautiful clothes I bought for you will just gather dust in the closet." He looked at her angry look with affection. There was not a slightest hint of impatience in his expression.

It's good that Lola was mad at this. If she was not angry, he would be worried. It would mean that she doesn't love him anymore. Her husband was injured for saving another woman. Of course she would be angry! Of course she was jealous.

The clothes? What beautiful clothes? "Just give them to your Cherry. Why do you need to tell me that?" She blurted out with cold eyes. That stuff must be prepared for Cherry, Lol

huck and rushed to the hospital in C Country. He immediately took Chuck who was still in the middle of his experiments to A Country. He only believed in Chuck's medical skill. He was the best doctor in town.

Hearing about Lola's accident, Chuck also tensed up. After all, he loved that woman...

In Chengyang Private Hospital

The tall man rushed forward, leading a large crowd to gather. Everyone was going to the senior ward.

Because of him, the ward seemed small. Many people had crowded behind him.

At the glance of his woman on bed, Harry saw no one and nothing else.

He rushed to her and spotted a graze on her face and a cast around her arm.

These wounds filled him with anxiety and worry. His heart sank even deeper. He asked Jordan hastily, "How's she doing? Will she be all right?" Her voice became hoarse with nervousness.

Jordan looked at the anxious Harry. Fearful of looking eye to eye with Harry, he answered, "Not well."

"What did you mean by not well? Chuck, check on her. Now!" Harry, once poised and cold, now eagerly called Chuck to prepare for the check-up while gripping Lola's hand. It was obvious that Harry was very worried. She was in a coma.

"Lola, you must be all right. You must be safe and sound. Please." Harry wished deep inside him...

Putting on a very serious face, Chuck put on the stethoscope, walked to the equipment, then focused on checking her up.

Several minutes later, Chuck's frown got deeper. As a result, Harry became increasingly concerned.

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