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   Chapter 361 Put Your Dad on the Spot

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Upon hearing this, Chuck struck Harry's belly with his fist, and shouted, "Get out. You get in my nerves every time I see you."

"You have been bothered by me for a very long time. During our college years, you always threatened to skin me with your scalpel. But still, you didn't."

They playfully teased each other along the way to the test room.

After the test, Harry tidied up his clothes, then went out with Chuck.

"There are no abnormalities at the current test. The results of other tests will come out two hours later. You can leave for now. I will call you right away as soon as the results come out." Chuck browsed Harry's test results, and told Harry that everything was normal. Yet, Harry didn't buy it. He was still in disbelief.

Harry then returned to the company. Two hours later, his phone rang----just on time.

"I've told you that you are as strong as a fighting bull. Stop bothering me from now on." Chuck teased.

His words sent Harry to a gloomy state again. So. the problem was in Lola? "At that time, did she hurt somewhere else except her legs?", wondered Harry. Harry remembered the day when Lola jumped off the building. It set his heart sinking again.

Chuck also remained silent for quite some time. Back then, he did a systemic check-up carefully for fear of Lola getting hurt somewhere else.

"I know what you are thinking. She is all healthy. Maybe you need to step up your efforts."

Thinking of the woman he liked sleeping with another man, Chuck felt depressed deep inside him.

He tossed the results on the desk, then quickly went into the laboratory.

After hanging up Harry's call, he began busying himself in experiments. Together with all kinds of surgeries, he tried to get his head full instead of thinking Lola. If he would think of her all the time, he would just get lonely.

Harry kept smoking while he pondered that it now boiled down to one reason----he didn't try hard enough.

A Country

Lillian got off the hospital several days later. Lola was holding the baby and sitting beside her.

The sleeping baby in her arms reminded Lola of Nicole. She missed her so much. The minute they got home, she would call Nicole

ked the jet with the gauze still on his arm and rang the doorbell.

The one who opened the door was Joseph. He led Harry into the villa excitedly. Along the way, he talked to Harry intimately.

Harry glanced at the second floor and asked, "Is your sister upstairs?" She was what he came for.

"Yes. But what's the matter with your arm?" Joseph just saw right now that Harry had a gauze on his arm and some blood was oozing out.

Harry cast a quick eye to his arm, then replied, "It's nothing. Just a minor injury. I am here for your sister. I need to talk to her" Without even waiting for Joseph's answer, he walked upstairs in large strides.

Half way there, he remembered something, turned around and said, "Where is my niece? Bring her there. I want to see her." Lola was his wife, so her niece was also his niece.

Joseph answered yes, then ran into his room and held his daughter. His face brimmed with joy as a father.

Harry would be jealous of Joseph if he didn't have Nicole.

Harry took Joseph's daughter into his arms. The cute little baby magnified his desire for another baby.

He regretted the fact that he missed Nicole's infancy stage. He wanted to know what it would feel to hold your own baby in your own arms.

Harry stuffed a check with a large amount of lucky number into the baby's pocket before giving her back to Joseph.

The big check made Joseph a bit embarrassed. After all, Harry has given him too much already.

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