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   Chapter 360 No Good News

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She knew Harry's relationship with Lola had been slowly improving, but she had not given up on it yet.

Until that incident happened, she dropped that romantic idea completely.

She was quite conservative now because of the strict family rules and high-standard education in her family.

With the one-night stand with Herren, even she couldn't forgive herself. Well, let alone her mother...

If Thomas didn't take responsibility for what happened and that thing was known by others, she would have no way out. She would face severe consequences.

LN coffee shop in A Country

Lola looked at the bouquet of red roses that the delivery boy sent. To everyone's surprise, she accepted it for the first time.

She wondered if her action meant that she was inclining on a relationship with Harry...

With a sweet smile, she sat on the dangling chair, staring at the lovely bouquet.

The shop assistants knew that their boss, Lola Li, was in love. But they were wondering. Was she in a relationship with Thomas Herren, or with Harry? They didn't know.

Hearing that Lola has accepted his flowers, Harry felt very relieved in the SL office.

But he knew her acceptance didn't mean complete forgiveness. So he must step up his efforts. He had sworn to himself that he would always do his best to please her.

When Lola was already basking in happiness, her phone suddenly rang. The caller was Joseph.

"Lola, Lola. My wife has just given birth to a daughter. I am a father now!" The phone call just got through, and Joseph's voice came out, full of excitement and happiness.

Lola sprang from the chair right away, and asked joyfully, "In which hospital? I will come over now!" Grabbing her purse, she rushed to the door.

Then she quickly thought about the roses. With some thinking, she told the shop assistants to put them in the vases. Then she hurried to the hospital right away.

Lillian gave birth to a girl successfully. She weighed 3.5 kilograms, setting the whole Li family into feelings of happiness and joy.

Joseph posted this pleasant news in the Weibo and it received many positive comments.

Lola forwarded the post with the words: "Congratulations, my little brother and sister-in-law. Welcome to our family, my little niece!"

cleared his participation that night. He was too smart not to do that.

Chuck scratched his head, then raised his glasses anxiously. Forget about it. That Daisy was not important. Just act as if nothing happened. Chuck tried to convince himself.

"Harry, are you with Lola again?" That's the most important thing right now.

Chuck's question made Harry a bit complacent. "You should forget about Lola now. We are not only remarried, I am also planning for our wedding now." Harry answered. That wedding would be more luxurious than the previous ones that he had planned.

Chuck was hurt by Harry's reply. He sat in his chair, without speaking a single word.

"Take me to do the test now. My time is quite precious." Harry stood up from the couch in dissatisfaction and leaned against the desk in front of Chuck. He was always the impatient guy.

Chuck took a patient file and drove Harry away boldly, "Get out now. I am all tied up."

"Okay, I will leave. But I will send you a dozen women every day." He meant what he said.

Chuck stared at him and replied in anger, "You need any test? You are the healthiest person on earth. Don't waste my time."

Though he was still complaining, Chuck stood up and led Harry to the test room. He couldn't just ignore the fact that he would get women later...

Harry smirked behind him and hurriedly walked forward beside Chuck. He put his arm on Chuck's shoulder and consoled, "I'll take you out for a drink later to soothe your heartache. Don't worry."

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