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   Chapter 359 He's Still Yours

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7666

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Without the slightest care about what others would say, Harry held Lola's shoulder. He said, "I did this for our future." They need to keep their eyes on the long run. On the bigger picture...

Lola didn't understand. She just shook away his arm and turned her eyes to Lucas who was still very excited. "Lucas, don't go with him. You work for me."

With this, Lucas finally regained his composure. He asked, "Lola, what did you say just now?" He was too happy to notice what Lola has said.

Harry took the initiative to answer before Lola, "You go to SL tomorrow and Joey will arrange some work for you." Then ignoring Lola's objection, Harry pulled her close and left, leaving the crowd astonished.

Inside the car, Lola leaned her head on Harry's shoulder and gave him a hard bite. All of these while Harry was busy driving...

Meanwhile, she warned, "If you dare touch me without my approval next time, I will bite a piece of flesh off you."

Harry stared at the bite mark on his wrist. Then as usual, he kissed it. "I'll welcome whatever you do with me..." Harry seductively answered.

... Lola looked at Harry, who now was driving the car happily. She figured he must be masochistic.

On the way to the mansion, Lola just pouted without speaking to him no matter what Harry said to please her.

After taking her stuff, she would leave the mansion immediately. She was determined to do this.

When they entered the gates of the manor, Lola stormed out of the car. Harry got off hastily too and followed her.


"Don't call me honey."

Discontented, Harry complained, "When you smiled ear to ear to another man, did you even think of me?" He was beside her at that time.

Lola suddenly paused, turned back, looked at Harry and explained angrily, "That man is Wendy's brother. Why can't I smile to him? I have to be courteous to him!" Was he being jealous?----Lola pondered deep on this.

Harry got distracted. That man was Wendy's brother? Her sister-in-law's brother?

"Well. If that's true, I am not upset anymore. Could you cheer up as well? Please?" But even if that man was Wendy's brother, he would not let his guard down. After all, Lucas was not Joseph. He should always be alert...

Lola kept walking upstairs while she was teasing h

ide. She has a beautiful long hair, her arms held her knees.

She was brought back by Herren from the hotel. She was depressed. She couldn't eat nor sleep.

Thomas walked in front of her and said calmly, "The truth will come out soon. Miss Cherry, I will send you back to C Country now. But I will give a very satisfying answer later."

Cherry, looked ashen, smirked. Give her a very satisfying answer? Finding out who abducted her to Crown Province was a satisfying answer? How about her virginity? What should be done about her virginity then?

She got off the bed, packed her stuff, and walked straight to the door. She completely ignored Herren's words.

Before the door opened, she was gripped and pulled by Thomas.

He clasped her wrist, staring at her back. Both stood silently.

After a long while, Thomas Herren noticed her struggle. He reassured her, "If Miss Cherry cares about it, I will take full responsibility and marry you." His words were full of desperation and helplessness.

If she cares about it? Cherry turned back, and looked at him mockingly. "Mr. Herren, what kind of person do you think I am? No. I am not an average woman. Treat me differently." Slapping away his hand, she opened the door and left Crown Province determinedly.

Along the way back, she couldn't help but cry sadly. Who on earth would abduct her to Crown Province and send her to Herren's bed?

From now on, she must forget Harry. Because with the loss of her virginity, she was not good enough for him anymore.

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