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   Chapter 358 Annual Salary of Five Hundred Thousand

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The judges came closer as they carefully examined the vivid latte art in each of the cups.

Judging from the appearance, they all looked amazingly satisfying and delicious! They came in the forms of little hearts and cute leaves.

One of the cups then caught everyone's attention. It had six tiny hearts in the middle and a dozen smaller hearts on the outline. It was truly a very talented presentation.

Lola wrote down the contestant's number: No.16. The same contestant also had another cup, with a drawing of a cute little panda bear. She fell for it straightaway.

After Lola carefully examined every cup, she then started to taste them.

Contestant No.16's cups won her heart both in terms of presentation and taste.

Each judge had now made up their mind and decided their scores. The second part of the competition now followed.

Now, the challenge was brewing. It mainly examined the taste created by each contestant's brewing skills.

The contestants were allowed to use their own coffee beans for the brewing; in top competitions like this one, they were supposed to only use Geisha beans.

Many contestants would spend tens of thousands only on practicing with Geisha beans for the contest; it was quite difficult to win the challenge.

This section was not Lucas' s strong point. Based on his financial status, he did not have the chance to practice with the expensive coffee beans. Right now, he could only rely on his own experience and skills.

He looked very concentrated on the stage. The way he measured the water temperature and bean quantity was very professional. Deep down inside her, Lola thought highly of him.

Harry noticed that Lola had been watching Lucas since the very beginning, and he was not very pleased by the fact. He now had made up his mind that he would definitely not vote for Lucas.

Lucas was still indulged in his own work, and little did he know that he had already unintentionally crossed Harry.

The third section of the match was the final one. The challenge consisted of brewing the original flavor.

Nothing else was supposed to be added to the coffee. The judges were looking for a unique and authentic taste of only pure coffee beans.

The taste needed to be smooth and rich, perfect.

If the contestant did not manage to bring the authentic flavor out of the beans, the cup would end up being bitter and unappealing to taste.

Fifteen minutes later, all the contestants had to stop. All of the freshly ground coffee beans were brought forward to the judges.

Contestant No. 10 was a guy that came from Germany, who had spent over a decade on studying coffee beans. The coffee he made brought smiles on the judges' faces. They could n

Lola cursed the owner in her heart because she hated to see such good talents like Lucas had go to waste. The owner of the cafe must've been blind!

"Come and work for me in LN cafe, I'll give you a high salary to start with!"

Lucas was joyfully surprised at her words. He had heard from his sister that Lola Li had a cafe shop under her name.

But he did not want to bother Lola about a job because he knew that she already had enough trouble on her mind.

It was indeed a big surprise for him that Lola would officially ask him to work for her. He was really thrilled at the idea.

"How much are you going to pay him every year?" A cold male voice then abruptly cut in their conversation.

Lola had not thought the question through. She simply answered: "I am thinking of two hundred thousand!" If her business boomed, she would also certainly give him a raise the following year.

Harry stood next to them with both hands in his pockets. He examined the excited look on the young man's face, and he sternly added, "You'll have an annual salary of half a million. I'll hire you to stay and work in C Country from now on."


Lucas was overwhelmed by his offer. Did he hear him correctly? Annual salary... Half a million...

His classmates, who had started working the same time as him, ware barely earning this much. The best was making somewhere between eight thousand and twelve thousand a month. Harry offered him an annual salary of five hundred thousand; it was almost like earning fifty thousand a month!

Fifty thousand... Lucas felt like he was in a splendid dream!

Lola was also overwhelmed when she heard Harry's words. She furiously stared at him, and snapped, "Harry Si, what is wrong with you?" Why was he always trying to steal all of the talented staff in her hands?

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