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   Chapter 357 Became One of the Presiding Judges

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One of the servants was trying to put some clothes on her while the other one was trying to find the matching shoes for her outfit.

"Mummy!" The moment they saw Lola walk in, they were both amazed at her elegance and style.

She was such a beautiful woman, with easy going manners as well.

"Mrs. Si!" They greeted her with great politeness.

Lola frowned at the title. She wanted to correct them, but she didn't say anything about it.

Instead, she simply said, "I will look after my daughter now, you both can be excused for the time being!" She took over the shoes from the servant's hand and then carefully put them on for her daughter.

"Mummy, how long are you going to stay here this time?" Why did her mummy always have to be away doing busy things? Every time she had asked daddy of the whereabouts of her mummy, daddy had always said she was busy far away and she would only return when she was done with her business.

Lola paused, and quickly comforted her daughter in a soothing voice: "My sweet little girl, mummy is not sure yet, but whenever I get the chance I'll come and visit you. How about that?" She had no idea when or how she would solve the conflicts between her and Harry.

Nicole became a little morose when she heard her words. She smiled at Lola and nodded her little head, saying, "Mummy, You must live up to your words!"

Lola pinched her chubby cheek, and promised, "Don't worry, mummy really loves you. I would definitely visit you every now and then! Alright?" She patted her on her shoulder and then took her into the bathroom to dress her up.

"Mummy, I really love you! Kiss!" Nicole also pinched Lola's by the cheek.

In the spacious bathroom, the mother and the daughter were having a good time.

The family of three then had a peaceful breakfast together. After that, Harry and Lola drove Nicole to kindergarten.

Watching Harry holding her daughter's hand as they walked into the kindergarten, Lola said to herself that for the sake of her daughter, she should at least give Harry another chance.

Their daughter had turned already four-year-old this year, but she lacked the love of a complete family. That was truly sad.

Harry was really trying his best to make up with her, and she felt somehow obliged to respond to his love. After all, her heart was not made out of stone.

Lola thought of their future, and on the way back home she remained silent.

Harry looked at her with the corner of his eyes several times while driving. The atmosphere in the car was a little bit uneasy.

Most of the time, Lola gazed outside of the window, and occasionally she would cast a

n chosen design. They were also allowed to use any tools or other edible ornaments to decorate the surface.

Rome was not built in a day! The contestants all had years of diligent practice before signing up for the contest.

Each contestant had his or hers own follow-up camera and they were under supervision all the time. The contest was an eye-dazzling show as each contestant demonstrated their talents in roasting beans, cooking coffee and drawing latte art.

Lola spotted one of the contestants. He was a young Chinese boy wearing a black baseball cap, and the serious look on his face reminded Lola of someone she somehow knew.

She was occasionally chatting with Harry during the introduction period, and she was not paying too much attention to the stage.

She quickly scanned through the files in front of her. Among them, she found a familiar name written under his profile picture.

"Lucas Yu..."

Lola observed Lucas very carefully. She thought that he was a new graduate from the university, but how come he participated in an international contest already?

She went through his CV and found that he already had three years of work experience in a cafe. He was working as a part-time while also attending the university.

She sincerely hoped that he would be the one who would stand out today. If this happened, he would have a splendid future waiting ahead of him.

Harry caught Lola's look. Out of curiosity, he looked at the files in her hands.

"Lucas Yu? Is he someone she knows? Why is she paying so much attention to him?" Harry was not very pleased at this, and in fact he was also a little bit jealous.

Time was now up, and multiple cups of latte, with beautifully presented art, were displayed in front of the judges.

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