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   Chapter 356 All Of These Will Be Yours

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8918

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Harry pulled her shielding hands away and he gently sealed her lips with a passionate kiss.


Lola still had some senses left in her. At the last moment, she pinched him really hard on his waist and pushed him away with all her strength. Without any other further hesitations, she dashed into the bathroom.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed, feverish, and her hair looked messy. She curled her lips with a bitter grin. Why would Harry ever want to kiss her looking like this?

Lola spent some time in the bathroom tidying herself up. After that, she stepped out of it with bath towel tightly wrapped on herself.

Harry was on his phone. The moment he saw her, he handed her a set of new, clean clothes.

He looked at her with a profound smile on his face while talking to someone on the phone at the same time.

"Alright, I will see to it. Talk to you later."

Lola was confused because she had brought her own clothes. But not knowing where they were placed, she had to accept the clothes Harry gave her. And she did, and Lola changed into them obediently back in the bathroom.

The tag had been removed from them. She wondered who else had worn them before?

This thought made her furious as she walked out of the bathroom.

By then, Harry had already done with the talking on the phone. He saw the look of her face and noticed immediately that she was in a bad mood.

"Did someone wear these clothes before? If so, I don't want them then!"

"Why would he humiliate me by making me wear some other women's clothes?" thought Lola angrily.

Harry laughed as he explained everything to her with patience. "New clothes need washing, right?" All of his new clothes were first washed before he wore them. Besides, he knew she washed hers before wearing them as well.

Thus he had all of those new clothes washed for her. He had done everything for her to feel at home at every time.

As soon as she realized that the clothes she was wearing now were brand new, Lola broke a smile. "Fine!" she said. And then returned to the bathroom.

Harry shook his head in disappointment. How could she ever think of him as being some kind of douche bag? Why on earth would he offer her second-hand clothes? She didn't know him at all it seemed!

The clothes Harry had picked for her were a set of suits. Apart from the white sleeves, the rest was all pink.

Lola found the color ridiculous for her age. It did not suit her at all. She judged herself in the mirror, thinking that the color pink did not comply with her personality at all.

She was slightly concerned about going out in the world like that.

But, gathering

t shallow!

Harry laughed as he added, "Well, even if you don't want to, they are yours anyway." All of these nice things could only be hers only. Only his beloved woman deserved such luxurious and valuable things, thought Harry.

Lola could not hide her growing smile at his sweet words. She pushed him away as she walked back into the bedroom.

"I said that I don't want them! Leave them for your future girlfriend!"

He closed the door of the cabinet and followed her into the bedroom. "If you don't want them, fair enough. I will throw all of them and replace the cabinets with new collections until you are satisfied." He sounded like he was joking, but Lola knew that he would actually do this if she didn't agree with him.

"I don't want you to waste any more money. Whether I take these things or not, it all depends on your behavior!" She sat on the sofa and was just about to change into the pair of wedged shoes.

Harry was delighted at her words. He quickly stepped forward and then knelt down on one knee in front her, and said, "Of course, my dear." He helped her with the shoes; they looked perfect on her feet.

It seemed that he really knew her sizes, and had built a closet full of clothes and shoes just for her!

"Nice job, I'm flattered. I will forgive you for what you did this morning, and as for the rest, I will deal with you later!" She stood up gracefully, kissed him on the forehead, and then went to fetch her beloved Nicole.

Staring at her back, Harry shook his head with a big smile on his face. He had spent billions of dollars to get in return just a kiss!

But indeed, this woman's kiss was worth the money! He enjoyed it!

When Lola went to Nicole's room, she found that the two new servants were already attending to her.

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