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   Chapter 355 What a Best Friend

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When they arrived home that night, Lola sent her daughter straight to sleep. After that, she walked into the bathroom and had a shower. She decided to sleep in Nicole's room tonight, and so she locked the bedroom's door.

In his study, Harry was having conversation over the phone with Eason. "...You shameless bastard, the dress is one of my master pieces, and you've ruined it. How desperate were you? Why can't you undress her with your manners instead?"

He was actually counting on keeping the dress after Lola wore it so that he could display it at other fashion exhibitions.

Harry blew a smoke ring into the air as he replied with a plain voice, "That's none of your business."

"..." Eason was utterly speechless at his indifference. He quickly added, "What about the set of diamond jewelry? I paid a big sum of money and brought them all the way from England. Why did you let her wear them at the party? Didn't you think that it was a little bit too much for the occasion? What's wrong with you? And by the way, what happened to my diamonds?" He finally spoke all of his concerns to him.

"I lost them." Harry remembered when he snatched them from Eason's shop. But now, he had absolutely no idea about their current whereabouts. He found Eason's question ridiculous; Harry had a way more important issue that needed attending to.

"..." Eason was furious at his answer. He shouted into the phone with a high pitched voice, "I want full compensation for everything. No, you must pay me back a tenfold price for what you lost!"

Harry put out his cigarette in the ashtray, and said, "Give me a figure then."

"100 billion!" Eason was so angry at Harry that he made up a random number. But, somehow, it was not impossible for Harry to pay out the sum he had randomly asked for.

He replied with a scornful voice, "You think I'm some kind of idiot, don't you?" His voice was dead-cold serious.

When he heard his icy tone, Eason stopped bluffing instantly, and said, "Fine, fine. We can settle with 50 million!" He felt broken because he knew that with this sum he would still be in a significant loss of profit. But, in the end, Eason considered that he could do with that, because Harry was, after all, his best friend! And what a best friend he was, indeed!

They finally agreed on the 50 million figure. Before ending the call, they also arranged for a time to meet up later.

Harry stepped out of the study and walked straight to Nicole's room. Not surprised at all, he noticed that the door had been locked by Lola from the inside.

But he wasn't in a hurry anyway. Harry returned to his suite and had a nice and relaxing shower there. Wrapped in a bath towel, he wa

th him. She lied down, pulled the quilt over her head and then closed her eyes!

With an amused grin on his face, Harry turned the bedside light off. He pulled her over to him and spooned her to sleep.

Within twenty minutes or so, Lola fell into a sound sleep. However, Harry had to take numerous cold showers to calm himself down.

This was definitely a sweet torture for him! He wanted her so much, with all his being!

Lola woke up early the next morning with the coffee master match on her mind.

She turned her head and saw Harry sound asleep next to her. Even with his eyes closed, he looked dangerously handsome.

She had spent quite some time with him during the past years, but she seldom had had the chance to see him sleeping.

Usually he woke up before her.

Harry's face looked very peaceful and serene. She remembered how indifferent and cold his eyes looked when he was awake.

He had a high-bridged nose and full firm lips. She stared at him as her thoughts went wild inside her head. What was he dreaming about now? He was actually smiling in his sleep.

One of his arm was underneath her neck while another arm was casually lying on her waist.

He also had an amazing body shape that most women desired the most in a man. He was perfect both in appearance and capabilities. He was, indeed, one outstanding man.

The next second she felt his erection pressing against her thighs. Lola blushed as she knew he had already waken up, but just didn't want to open his eyes.

She pushed him away with a bright flushed morning face.

However, he then quickly pressed on her body and kissed her ruby-red lips.

Lola immediately shielded her mouth with her hands. She vaguely protested as she dodged his kiss, "I haven't brushed my teeth yet. Get up now!"

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