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   Chapter 354 It Was Just A Matter Of Time

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How could she not say yes to his expectations? Her answer was on the tip of her tongue as she looked at his earnest eyes. However, she said nothing.

Harry continued, "Lola, the maple tree would grow its leaves this autumn. Would you like to be here with me and watch them grow together?" He had some maple trees planted here in the mansion's yard. He was looking forward to an ocean of beautiful red leaves this autumn. He wanted her to be here, with him. Together, they could watch the trees grow bigger and bigger as the years went by and as they also got older.

He was looking forward to decorating the room with her.

He wanted her to watch the trees grow bigger with him.

Every word he said was a cry of invitation. He was asking her to move back and live with him as before.

For a moment, Lola hesitated, but she wanted to forget all the past and to return to him. Together, they could build a new future.

He noticed the torture sparkling in her eyes, and he added, "You should remember to take the health tonics I bought for you, otherwise they would go to waste. OK?"

She finally nodded, and said with a serious voice, "Yes, they would be a waste. But I can take them back with me." She could enjoy them at her own house.


What a witty girl she was! Harry leaned over and kissed her lips. Then, he held her hands and walked outside.

"Time to get Nicole home together."

"Get Nicole home together?" The thought of seeing her daughter soon made her feel more cheerful, and Lola followed him out of the room with full cooperation.

At the Red Flower Art Kindergarten

Lola sat in the car as she watched Harry go into the kindergarten with a pair of expensive sun glass on his face.

Two minutes later, he came out with a cute little girl in his hands.

Lola was so excited that she instantly opened the car's door and ran towards her. "Nicole!"

Nicole was surprised when she saw that her mother had showed up all of a sudden. She let go of her father's hand and then dashed towards Lola.

With a leap, she ran into her embrace, and cried out, "Mummy, mummy!" She was weeping with excitement.

The other parents outside the kindergarten turned their heads to look at the scene, and they felt happy for the family of three. Both the mother and father were good looking, and they both looked well-off and happy together.

Lola helped her daughter sit inside the car. Then she sat next to her with a happy smile drawn all over her face.

After seeing them with their seat belts on, Harry walked to the front of the car and sat in the driver's seat.

shrimp meat to both Lola and Nicole. As expected, Lola soon said she did not want to eat anymore.

"I'm already full. You eat and I'll peel the shrimps instead." Lola felt sorry for Harry, because for the past half an hour he did nothing but to wait on them.

She quietly put on a new pair of plastic gloves and started to remove for him the scalloped meat from the shell.

She only managed to fix one for him when Harry stopped. He pulled her over to him with affection and removed her gloves for her. He threw them into the trash bin and gazed at her eyes with fondness.

"You just focus on the eating, alright? I'll do the rest." He did not need her service.

After they got married, he would hire servants to help her out with the housework. There wouldn't be much left for her to do. She just needed to enjoy her life as a well-maintained lady.

Lola opened her mouth, but nothing came out of it as she saw the determined look on his face.

After the meal, Harry drove them to the mall.

Lola enjoyed picking up clothes for Nicole, but she also bought her other stuff. She bought little pants and colored socks.

Harry insisted on her going to the men's clothes section. There, Lola unwillingly chose some shirts for him. Because of his strong demands, she also chose a shampoo for him.

As she paid the bill, she made up her mind that she needed to cut down on other expenses in the year to come.

Little did she know that she was soon to become super rich and was going to be listed as one of the world's top billionaires. Harry had been No. 1 for years, and Lola would become the tenth. In the near future, with her business booming rapidly, she might even top the rank. It was just a matter of time.

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