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   Chapter 353 Joseph Li Had Sold Her Out

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Lola was annoyed of the laughter in his deep voice. "Stop laughing at me!" She had asked him a very serious question! It was a very important question for her.

"Of course I've..." Harry then deliberately spoke in a slow manner to tease her, and Lola became more and more anxious to hear his answer.

"Missed you." As long as she was willing to return to him, he was more than willing to give in to a lot of things.

Lola felt even more delighted when she got the answer she was looking for; the air was filled with sweet love.

"Fair enough, now you may go back to the castle. Meanwhile, you should not interfere with me spending time with my daughter." She was showing adequate generosity here.

"However, who would have the final say in the castle? That's still a mystery, " thought Lola, grinning.

"At your service, Mrs. Si!"

But Lola immediately protested, "Harry Si, stop calling me Mrs. Si! We haven't discussed this yet!" Why was he always taking advantage of her?

She would become Mrs. Si, sooner or later; it was merely a matter of time.

"You are what I long for!" His words were so direct, and his look so sincere, that her heart started beating faster and faster as she blushed a bright red.

"Go away, and please stop talking like this! It sounds creepy!" Whether the relationship would work out or not, it all depended on her now!

Lola knew that she was now treading on very thin ice, as he had hurt her before, and the love they had towards each other was so strong that it might burn her in the end. Was she even ready to get back to him?

If she wasn't ready then he would not be able to have her heart.

She was just about to hang up on him when she heard him say, "Turn the camera on, I would like to see you!"

... She recalled what had happened during their last, previous video chat. The thought made her blush instantly, and she said, "Harry, how dare you mention about it! Wait till I see you!" She had made up her mind that the moment she saw him tomorrow she would bite him so hard that he would yelp!

And as if he could read her mind, Harry said with a grin, "Come and bite me then! Anywhere you wish!" He would not say no to her wishes.

His flirting was so obvious that she hung up on him out of shyness.

Lola tossed her cellphone aside and then buried her face into the quilt.

Her mind was now filled with what had happened during their previous video chats...

Gosh! What was she thinking? Why did she keep thinking about all that intimate behavior?

Lola was mad at herself, and she pulled up the quilt on her face and tried to fall asleep, de

was closed. She was curious to find out what was inside.

He had said that he was in love with her, and that he wanted to start all over with her. So, what happened to that room? Was everything still the same in there?

Lola twisted the door knob gently and pushed the door open. Then she walked inside with curiosity boiling in her.

The room had been kept tidy and neat. The wedding pictures were all framed and set up on the table for display.

The piano was still in its original corner. Someone had it dusted on a daily basis.

But the big suitcases which were used to store her old clothes were no longer there.

The swing chair on the balcony looked all the same. and more pictures seemed to have been added to the wall.

One picture caught her attention. It was taken on the day when the whole family had went to the amusement park! She was holding Nicole in her arms when they were on the merry-go-round.

How come Harry had a picture of that moment? A bold thought then came to her mind. Lola recalled that Joseph was holding his cellphone in his hands back then, but she was not paying too much attention to him.

It turned out that Joseph Li had sold her out!

She moved closer to the wall and saw more pictures from the amusement park. Joseph must have taken a lot of pictures of her and her daughter! Well! She would definitely rebuke him for betraying her like that!

Just then, she turned around and bumped into a warm chest.

When did he enter the room? She didn't notice or feel his presence at all...

He hugged her with his strong arms, and said, "I'm looking forward to us decorating the room together." He hoped that the day when Lola would finally forgive him for everything would arrive sooner.

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