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   Chapter 352 Dumped Him in Public

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8897

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Wendy wondered. Wasn't she with Harry before? What had happened? Could it be that they quarreled again? If it was really so, the couple was just torturing each other!

The thought of Harry made Lola more agitated. She sat on the sofa without even looking at her little nephew or holding him for a while. She was so upset.

"Wendy, I really don't want to be with Harry. But he wouldn't let me go." She told Wendy straightforwardly about what was troubling her.

Wendy walked closer to Lola with Colin in her arms. She observed Lola carefully, but could not find any trace of unhappiness. Her fine complexion didn't look like as if she just had a fight with Harry.

Then there was only one possibility. Wendy blurted out her suspicion, "So you have not reconciled with each other yet, right?" Wendy didn't see Lola for several nights at home. So she had thought she was with Harry and they were getting along so well.

Lola leaned on the sofa and stretched out her hands to pinch the little cute face of Colin. She answered, "Yes, we are not."

Yes, she has not forgiven him. She thought she was not firm on her decision. Her faith will waver on the slightest seductive move of Harry.

"Why don't you come back to him? Is it because he is not good to you or you just can't forget what happened in the past?" The aftermath of her suicide attempt last year may still be lingering on her mind. Wendy was very worried.

In this aspect, it was normal that Lola didn't want to come back to Harry. She would not find it strange.

"No, it's not because he is not good to me. He is doing everything for me. But after everything that happened, I have lost faith in him completely!" Yes, it was not easy for her to move on from that...

But what weighed in her heart was fear. She feared that if she was with him again, the memory of the past would always haunt her.

Wendy sat down beside Lola while holding Colin in her arms. She suggested, "Then make a clean break-up with him. Refuse him firmly to his face. Stand your ground, Lola." Wendy's intention was clear. Lola should make Harry let go of her completely.

Lola handed over the baby and playfully teased him. She continued, "I have made myself clear again and again. You know what I did on the anniversary celebration party that day. I declared our break-up in front of so many people. He did not feel angry. On the contrary, he seemed to pester me more frequently. It was unusual of him!"

Harry, an international CEO, was a distinguished man in regard of his honorable image and status. But he did not have any reaction when Lola dumped him in public.

Didn't he care about his image anymore?

If Harry really loved her, just let him taste the bitterness of a heartbreak first.

"If you continue to pester me, I will not ride on your plane." She pouted her mouth and said in a determined tone.

Hearing that she was threatening him, Harry eventually compromised, "Okay. Tomorrow morning at nine, the plane will wait for you at your place." He swallowed the bitterness in his heart and swore that he would never break her heart again.

Lola was still lying on the bed. She felt very satisfied. Then she suddenly remembered something and asked, "Where will the plane head to?" She thought he would definitely take her to the manor.

"You guess." He smiled gently. If she was in C Country, she could not escape him again.

Lola pouted her mouth and replied, "I can go to your manor, but it is for Nicole. So, you don't have to go back there, okay? You can find another place to stay during that time." It would only last for one or two days. She thought it was easy for Harry to find another place to stay. He was so rich, after all.

Harry raised his eyebrows. Wasn't he the master in the manor? Why was he suddenly chased off from his own place? "But I am worried that you will feel lonely." He put his right hand into his pocket and smiled.

"I won't be lonely with my daughter in my arms. I don't want to see you there, anyway." She murmured and flipped over, playing with her daughter's doll on the bed.

"But I want to see you. I miss you very much." His sexy voice went through from the other end of the line, making her face blush immediately.

Harry was flirting with her. It was very obvious.

Missing her? Okay then. "Do you miss me or do you just miss throwing yourself on me?" She blurted out the question. She wanted an answer right now.

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