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   Chapter 351 I Still Owe You So Much

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7778

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Harry worked tirelessly all afternoon, so he had no time to cook. He just brought the food cooked by a chef to the second floor.

Lola leaned on the headboard of the bed emotionlessly, looking at Harry put the food on the long table beside the sofa.

Harry carried her to the sofa gently.

He sat beside her and took a spoon of preserved egg and pork congee to her lips. "Try it. It's really delicious."

Lola took the spoon and bowl from his hand, "Let me help myself. I don't need your help."

It seemed that Harry had recovered. She would leave soon.

They were having dinner silently. Harry put food onto Lola's plate again and again.

When Lola was done eating, she was already very full. But Harry got her another piece of the squid ring.

"No, thank you. I'm already very full." She stopped him with her chopsticks. Harry just smiled and put the food into his own mouth.

Lola put down the empty bowl and quickly went to the bathroom.

About two minutes later, Harry also walked into the bathroom, looking at Lola who was combing her long hair. She was so lovely.

"Why comb your hair now? Are you going somewhere?"

"I'm going home." She replied in a soft voice and made a simple ponytail on the top of her head.

Harry leaned on the bathroom door, looking at her light purple night skirt. He seemed unworried.

Lola put a simple makeup on her face and went out of the bathroom. She just passed by Harry. But she looked lost when she was already standing in the bedroom.

Where were her clothes? She had no clothes here... She can't see them anywhere.

That was why Harry didn't stop her when he knew she wanted to leave tonight. He knew she couldn't go!

Ha! He thought she couldn't go back home? He was totally wrong!

Lola went into the cloakroom and opened one of the wardrobes. As expected, Harry's clothes were hung there very neatly.

She took out one big shirt and wore it right away. She had no clothes here but she could wear his!

There was actually no difference between this big shirt and her miniskirt. The size was just the same.

She found out that there were only several new pajamas in another wardrobe. Oh no...she couldn't go out just like that.

Well, she wore her pajama pants again and tucked the shirt's hem into the pants. It looked more fashionable!


the villa, she saw Joseph taking the pregnant Lillian. It seemed that they were going out, "Sister, we're going shopping. Do you want to join us?"

Lola shook her head tiredly. "No. When will be your expected date of confinement?" Lola touched the big belly of Lillian and thought, "When can I have another cute baby..."

Lillian smiled and also put her hand on the belly, "Around one week left." Finally, she could be free.

"Well, tomorrow, I will attend a coffee competition for two days. Joseph, take good care of Lillian! Please! I'll keep in touch!" Lola sweetly said to them. They needed to be more careful as Lillian was already about to go into labor.

Joseph complained when he was walking away with his wife, "Sister, I know. How many times did you say so? You know I could repeat these words to you at any moment now. I'll take care of my wife." He wasn't a kid anymore. Of course he knew how to take care of his wife!

Lillian stopped Joseph from walking forward and politely replied to Lola, "Don't worry, sister. We will be extra careful!"

Lola smiled and nodded to her. Then she ignored Joseph and went upstairs.

Landon went out to play chess with his comrade. Wendy was upstairs accompanying her baby with the room door open.

"Wendy." Lola leaned on the door while looking at Wendy. Wendy was holding and playing with her baby lovingly.

At that moment, Lola missed Nicole so much!

"Lola, come in. What's going on? How are you?" Noticing that Lola was not in good mood, Wendy walked to her and asked curiously.

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