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   Chapter 350 How Dare He

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After hearing this, Lola surprisingly looked at Harry who was pinning himself on her. He seemed really strange tonight.

Her heart softened instantly. However, she stilled refused, "Does it have anything to do with me? Let me go! Find yourself a dozen women! Women will always be happy to have you. But for me, I don't care at all!" She didn't want to be his antidote! She felt a bit offended. So did it make sense to be drugged? Was it true?

But Harry just laughed, enduring the pain, "Lola, when we met for the first time, I saved you without any hesitations. You can't be so heartless like this! Now, it's your turn to repay me!"

Lola remembered the night of her birthday five years ago when she was drugged by Mike. Then she entered his room by mistake, and then their love and hate relationship started!

Harry felt that he couldn't control himself anymore. Harry suddenly put his hands on her back zipper and headed down to stop her from refusing.

Past 11 in the evening

The man got out of the back seat of the car, tidied up his clothes, and hurried to the main driver's seat.

He sped up the highway, leading Lola to the villa.

It was actually a half an hour's drive, but he raced back just a bit past ten minutes.

He put his suit over her, and he tore off the evening dress that he ruined and carried her quickly into the villa.

He closed the front door of the villa with his foot. He even had no time to open the lights in the living room. He pressed himself on Lola who he thought was going to wake up again on the sofa.

Throwing away the suit rather rudely, he covered her mouth before she could even say a word.

Then he began to do anything he wanted...

At dawn, before Lola slept, she not only scolded Harry, but also Michelle Wu who turned him into such a beast.

At past 1 o 'clock at noon, Lola was awakened by the soft kiss of Harry.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw the delicious dish of rice and juicy drumsticks in front of her.

Harry was still wrapped in a bath towel. He put the meal on one side of the table, picked her up and made her sit with a pillow b


Only Cherry was innocent. However, she should have been prepared for being hurt. So he had no reasons to have mercy on her!

It was already dark when Lola finally woke up. "Lola?" The voice of a man beside her was so sweet that it startled her.

She did not notice that he was already on the bed with her. She turned her back to him. Her every movement was really painful.

He moved closer to her and kissed her on the forehead to ease her pain.

Lola covered her head with a quilt as she blushed. She did not want to look at him!

How could he do anything? How could he make her do things that she didn't want at first...

Harry went to the bathroom for a while. When he came out, he sat next to her, and removed the quilt covering her. "My wife, dinner is ready. Can you manage to get up? If you can't get up, I'll bring the dishes here." He was happy to serve his wife. It gave him such satisfaction.

"I'm not your wife! Don't call me that way! Harry, can you let me go?" She stared at the man sitting by the bed. How many times had she said that? Why couldn't he listen to her?

He simply refused, "Nope! Make a decision at once. If you can't decide for yourself, I'll bring up the meal." While he said this, he rose from the bed and left the bedroom.

Looking at his back, Lola had mixed feelings.

Didn't he get angry when she embarrassed him in front of so many people last night?

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