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   Chapter 349 Harry Si is My Man

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As Yolanda's cousin, Michelle Wu's daring attempt to lure Harry had thoroughly irritated Lola. She decided to fight back and kick her ass. She was tired of people bullying her.

While people were in the midst of their feasting in the banquet, Lola returned at the middle of the hall with Michelle Wu squirming in her firm grasp. Everybody quickly turned around to check out what was happening.

Michelle was grabbed and pulled to the stage where Harry had stayed a while ago.

She stumbled and went down hard. The hall fell silent at this very uncomfortable scene.

Lola turned on the microphone and boldly spoke up, "Dear colleagues and guests. Today is the SL Group's anniversary celebration. On this special day, I'm going to tell you a joke to cheer you up." Her cold and sarcastic voice drowned out the soft background music.

Calvin Wu made his way to the stage. When he saw his daughter, he knew that something bad had happened.

He immediately sent his guards to take her off the stage.

Lola glanced around the hall, and continued in a dominating tone. "Everybody knows that Harry Si is my man. No matter what had happened between us, he will always be mine! That's what you need to know."

When she was done, an uproar rose from the guests. The world knew it that Harry had made proposal to her in a dramatic fashion. But it was rumored that Harry's mother was shot dead by Lola. But their appearance hand in hand today had ended those gossips.

So, either she was his, or he was hers. They were a couple! But what was her purpose to speak it out in public? They couldn't understand it.

Lola noticed their confusion. She smirked and continued, "But this rotten woman, Michelle Wu, the once famous International Queen Yolanda Mo's cousin, was going to be a fucking home wrecker!" Now there were a lot of whispering and gossiping below the stage. Calvin Wu's guards had rushed to the stage, in an attempt to stop her.

Harry stood still with a hand on the table to support him. He exchanged glances with Hans Zhao. So Hans Zhao signal

ing cheek.

She has not been hit by her father before. Never. Whatever she had done wrong, he had never done that to her. He was so loving and tender.

"Stop staring at me like that! You've spoiled everything I'd done for you!" Calvin Wu impatiently pushed his glasses as he stared at his daughter. His canny eyes were filled with so much anger now.

"Father, he already drank the wine. If not for Lola Li, we could have made it!" she cried. She was gritting her teeth in rage. Hatred filled her eyes.

She wished she could strip Lola Li and throw her on the street.

"Enough! No more excuses! Go back to the hotel. I don't want to see you right now." He left, leaving her behind. On the way back, he made a good deal of phone calls to reassure his supporters. He didn't want to lose them because of this scandal.

In the SSC Supercars at the parking lot

Lola was pressed hard against the car seat by Harry, and she couldn't move.

"Get away from me!" she hissed in disgust. It was so dark in the car. She could only hear his thick and tight breath. She could not see anything but a silhouette of his figure.

Harry closed his eyes, "Lola, my dear, I was drugged. You're the only one to save me now! I did not mean to do that!"

"I remember it now. I'll make the Wu family pay a hundred times more. I'll have my revenge!" He angrily thought to himself.

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