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   Chapter 348 Throw You Out As A Third Party

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6807

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Calvin Wu took her daughter to personally greet Harry. He stretched out his right hand politely and said, "Mr. Si! Nice to see you."

Harry shook hands with him and replied, "It is our great honor to have the presence of Mayor Wu today."

Calvin Wu laughed happily with his words. Whether it was truth or just his polite routine, it made people feel flattered. Harry always had his effective way in dealing with people.

"Mr. Si, you are being polite. May I introduce my daughter, Michelle Wu, to you? Michelle, come here and greet the great business tycoon, Mr. Harry Si."

"Mr. Si, I've heard so much about you. I'm Michelle Wu. Nice to see you again!" Michelle said while grinning with her overly red lips. She wasn't sure whether Harry would shake hands with her or not. So she just nodded to him in a very graceful manner.

Harry took a quick look at her and then glanced at Lola. She was looking at somewhere else and was kind of ignoring the people around her.

He smiled lightly and just nodded to Michelle. He didn't say a single word.

Michelle Wu became very happy and flattered because she thought he was smiling at her.

She didn't like Harry at first, but he was so charming and adorable up close. And now she has been charmed by the addictive man right in front of her.

Lola didn't look at Michelle at all. She was a little impatient and pulled Harry away immediately after the routine greetings.

Calvin Wu noticed her impatience. Then he observed what Harry would do. He didn't get impatient with her actions. Instead, he even helped her fixed her hair.

Lola had drank too much champagne when Harry took her to mingle and roam around the room.

She whispered in Harry's ear, "I'm going to the bathroom..."

"Do you want me to accompany you? Do you need some help?" The flirting words won nothing but a sweet hard pinch from Lola.

Harry lowered his head and listened to her. Their forehead almost touched each other. Many people saw this and admired their affection towards each other. Their lov

playboy. You have not changed!" She glanced at him coldly and pushed away the woman.

Michelle Wu was mad at Lola's uninvited appearance. She nearly succeeded.

"Who are you to Harry? How dare you come here to interrupt us?" Michelle feared that Lola would find there was something wrong with Harry, so she rushed over and gripped her wrist.

Lola didn't catch a glimpse of Harry's expression like what Michelle has wanted. She wanted to shake off her hands.

"Who am I to him? I'm his woman. Just because of this, I can throw you out for you are a third party." Lola just stared at Michelle and asked, "You and your cousin are really birds of the same feather. Why should you be mistresses of the same man? Are there no more men in the world? Why do you still hold on to him? Aren't you tired of chasing him?"

Michelle released her hand and wanted to slap her hard in the face.

Lola knew what she wanted to do when she raised her hand because she had gone through a lot of these moments.

She stopped her by holding her hands and dragging her towards the banquet hall.

Harry staggered anxiously to keep up with them.

Lola held her hand tightly for fear that she would escape. She was going to expose what she had done to her.

And Yolanda, she would also not let go of her easily. She was just waiting for a chance. Now's the time.

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