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   Chapter 347 This is Your Boss, Miss Li

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At the Sofitel Five-Star Hotel

The woman dressed in the white strapless evening gown knocked at the door of the adjacent room. Calvin Wu then opened the door from the inside, and said, "Michelle, are you ready?"

Michelle Wu leaned irritated against the door, and replied, "Dad, are we here just for the anniversary?" Wouldn't this degrade her father's status as mayor?

Although Harry Si was very rich, in the end, he was only another businessman.

Calvin looked at his whiny daughter and let her enter first. "If Lola Li comes to the party tonight, you must take the cue from me and then decide for yourself what to do. If the relationship between her and Harry looks nice, you have to apologize to her first. I will try to draw her away from Harry and let you seize the best opportunity."

If Harry were his son-in-law, not only would his position be higher, but also his power.

Michelle rolled her eyes, and said, "Dad! That woman put me in jail, and I wouldn't have come out yet if you hadn't spent that large sum of money... Apologize to her? Are you crazy?"

Calvin was annoyed that his daughter didn't understand his thoughts on this matter. "Just listen to my words! If you don't want to be humiliated, seduce Harry and make him fall in love with you!" Were there any men who dislike beautiful women? And besides, his daughter's appearance competed with that of Lola's.

Calvin brooded over it. His position had become unstable since Michelle had been put in prison.

It wasn't just about someone impeaching him because of his daughter; there was someone who also wanted to deprive him of his position.

"It's alright for me to tempt Harry, even though I don't like him. He is, after all, handsome and influential. But as for Lola, I won't let her off that easily." Did she want to apologize? Nonsense! But there would be a chance to have her revenge on Lola!

Calvin stood at the window with his hands behind his back. "Yolanda doesn't have a chance with Harry, and your uncle's company and business are becoming worse and worse. You have to seize the opportunity."

Last time he saw her, Yolanda was in a rather bad mental condition and was staying at home all day long. He

rst floor of the hotel, they caused a sudden stir.

While everyone was amazed by Lola being present there, they were also still wondering if Lola had indeed killed Harry's mother.

"Good evening, Mr. Si!"

"Hello, Mr. Si!"

… The peoples' greetings came in an endless stream.

Harry nodded in response. Even if the smile on his face was faint, it was not hard to tell that he was in a good mood.

He patted Lola's hand and walked to the stage. And then he gave a brief speech. As the main shareholder, Harry officially introduced Lola to everyone.

When he finished his speech with applause, the door of the hotel opened again.

It was Calvin Wu, dressed in a suit, and Michelle Wu dressed in a white strapless evening gown, entering the hotel.

"Wow! Who's that woman? Although she's not as beautiful as Miss Li, she's also a stunner."

"Well, Miss Li is in a black evening gown, while she is in a white one. Black versus white, they are definitely the focus of the party tonight."

"It seems that they are competing with each other." Julie took a glass of red wine and looked scornfully at Michelle.

Although she was the mayor's daughter, with her plastic surgery face she couldn't be compared with Lola after all.

"Yes, we don't know what happened between Miss Li and Mr. Si, but they came here together, which shows that they are getting along well with each other, " whispered an outstanding employee.

Lola was a goddess in her heart.

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