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   Chapter 346 His Woman

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 8087

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"Harry is actually smiling. Oh my god, I think I'll have a heart attack! It's almost going to jump out of my chest!"


In a corner of the shop, four or five girls had seen Harry and were talking about him excitedly.

They had heard that Harry and Joseph often came to the coffee shop, and so they came there just to wait for them.

And their waiting efforts weren't in vain. Harry's sudden appearance gave them a big surprise.

Yet Lola, who was lying in Harry's arms, couldn't pretend any more, and so she opened her eyes and then jumped from his arms.

When she was preparing to sit back on the hanging seat, her hand was suddenly grabbed by Harry and, neglecting the surrounding commotion, Harry dragged her out of the shop.

Outside there was an SSC Super Car waiting for them, which attracted a lot of attention.

Opening the front passenger's door, Harry made her sit and buckled her; after that, he sat at the driver seat and started the engine.

Under the admiring looks of the people around, the car hastily whistled away.

Looking at his handsome face, Lola asked, "Mr. Si, did you bring me out of the shop with my permission?"

Wearing the same smile, Harry answered, "Miss Li, if you don't mind, can I call you Mrs. Si?" If it weren't for the misunderstanding, she had already been his wife, hadn't she?

Mrs. Si? Lola blushed, yet she refused willfully in the end, and said, "Of course not. I am going to be a nun in the future, and I won't marry to anyone!"

Becoming a nun? Harry laughed out loud, thinking that as long as he was there, how could she ever become a nun? She was so naive.

"Why are you laughing, I am serious!" Seeing him laugh, Lola felt embarrassed, doubting that it was funny being a nun.

Harry stopped laughing, and while he turned his head to look at her ruddy face, he said, "If you ever become a nun, then I will force you to break the rule of never having sex with a man!"

... Lola became speechless. What an evil man he was! "Mr. Si, do your employees know how shameless you really are?"

If she had told his employees that their boss, whom they regarded as being a very cool person, was in reality a blackguard, nobody would have believed her!

As the light turned red, Harry stopped the car, and said to her arrogantly, "They don't know, and only you know, and that's because I'm indecent only with you!" He didn't car

-up in her daily life.

But now, with make-up on, she was so gorgeous that he wanted to have sex with her right there.

As she saw that his eyes were filled and sparkling with desire in them, Lola made coughed because she felt embarrassed. After that, Harry asked the stylists to bring that black dress and to let her try it on.

Five minute later

Lola came out of the fitting room dressed in the black dress. Harry, whose eyes were filled with admiration, was totally surprised by her.

The black gown was wrapped tight against her body, displaying her perfect figure.

It was edgy in a wave-flare style which seemed extremely fashionable. His woman was really breathtaking.

Rising up from the sofa, he took the black high-heeled shoes and asked her to sit on the sofa for him to personally change her shoes.

Staring at the man who was squatting down in front of her, Lola felt a lot of mixed emotions.

According to her dress style and with her opinion, the hair stylist had made her a simple bun on the top of her head.

Finally, Harry took out of the dazzling jewelry and put the necklace around her neck.

He stared at her up and down for a while, and then he said, "Let's go, we need to go back to Crescent Spring now." He dragged her out of the salon as he spoke.

"Why?" asked Lola. She looked at the hurried man with curious eyes, wondering if something bad had happened there.

Harry stared at her face, and whispered near her ear, "You are too beautiful, and I can't wait to make love to you any longer."

As was expected, Lola started to pinch him and scold him.

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