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   Chapter 345 My Date

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7490

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She learned now that she was actually forced to become this company's boss.

Harry had left for three days, leaving no information about his coming back. He had promised to never give up on her. But why did he break his promise, just several days later?

Lola snickered, "Indeed, boys will be boys. Their words can never be trusted."

"... There will be an international coffee contest next week in C Country. Many coffee manufacturers will attend from all around the world. The organizing committee has sent you an invitation. Will you participate?" The shop manager had asked Lola just as Joey had instructed him to.

'International coffee contest? In C Country?'

"Where exactly is the location?" She asked calmly.

"The venue is said to be at the International Friendship and Culture Center in the New District."

'New District? It is not far away from the mansion. Should I go or not?' pondered Lola.

But after a while, Lola nodded a yes. That was too good of an opportunity to miss.

After that, the manager returned to the coffee shop and called and reported to Harry the whole story.

Hearing of her consent, Harry smirked; he hadn't sponsored the contest for nothing after all.

After hanging up the manager's call, he dialed her number.

Seeing who the caller's ID was, Lola somehow felt a little bit nervous.

But when the phone rang for another third time, she answered it.

This time Lola went silent. "Lola, the SL Group will host its anniversary in A Country the day after tomorrow. Can I invite you to attend the ceremony?"

She heard Harry's deep voice coming from the phone's speaker.

Indeed, the company's anniversary was just around the corner. In the past four years, she had always attended its anniversary, every year with a new identity.

She missed the days in the SL so much. If it weren't for Harry, she would have never left there.

But what about this year? He invited her to join, but with what identity? And it seemed she was in no position to attend the ceremony any longer.

"No, I couldn't. I no longer work in the SL." There was nothing she had to do with the SL now.

Harry smiled. How could she have forgotten all about the betrothal gift he had given to her? "With a


Over the past several years, Harry had seldom appeared in public. But in the last year, he had stayed in A Country. So this year, the question whether Harry would attend the ceremony, became another hot topic.

Around four o'clock in the afternoon, Lola was filled with both nervousness and expectation. As the night came closer and closer, the feelings grew more and more intense inside her.

Would he come? The clock showed that it was almost five. Maybe he wouldn't?

While she was pondering, the glass door of the shop opened, and Harry walked inside; she was just thinking about him.

"Hello!" The shop's assistants greeted Harry with excitement. He was rumored to be courting their boss, Lola; that was all what the staff was gossiping about.

When Harry showed up at the door, Lola noticed him instantly.

While he was approaching her, Lola's heart raced faster and faster. She closed her eyes while still sitting in the chair and pretended she didn't notice him.

Seeing that Lola wasn't paying attention, he put on his exclusive smile, which was just for her, and held her up from the chair.

His gentleness had already mesmerized a lot of female customers in the shop.

"He is so handsome!"

"Indeed, coming here actually offers us a chance to see Harry."

"Right. I didn't wait here in vain for several days after all."

"I have to hurry and take a picture of him! Oh my god, what a rare opportunity! Is he really smiling? He is so bloody handsome!"

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