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   Chapter 344 In a Much Better Mental Condition

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7270

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Now that she had finally made her decision, she would have to avoid meeting the two men in the future.

But Harry… She sighed and wondered if she could ever avoid him.

At night, when Herren looked at the WeChat message, he remembered the news on Twitter that said that Harry had taken her to the cinema. Could her heart had softened?

For the first time, he did not reply to her message.

When Harry, who was in the Crescent Spring, saw the time, it was already past eleven o'clock in the evening.

There was silence in the villa, and he knew that Lola had taken their daughter to his mother-in-law's house.

After looking at his unfinished work, he decided to call her only when all of his tasks were done.

The following day, Joseph worked as their driver, and drove Wendy, Colin, Lola, Nicole and Lillian to the amusement park again.

Joseph took a picture of Lola and Nicole, who were sitting on a merry-go-round, and then sent it to Harry.

He had already called Harry and had asked him to help him deal with the director's case a few days ago. Not before long, the director was sent to Mauritius, and the most important thing was that now the director's reputation had been damaged. Nobody would work with him anymore. And the contract with the actress that had a face-lifting operation was also terminated; no entertainment company would ever sign her in the future.

His former brother-in-law, and future brother-in-law, was really good at it.

When Harry received the photo from Joseph, he was rubbing his temples and thinking about a difficult future investment plan.

On seeing the picture, he became instantly cheered up, and also made his mind clearer.

He sent a reply back to Joseph, saying, "Nice, send more." After that, he began to attentively work on his computer.

After receiving the positive feedback from Harry, Joseph sent dozens of pictures of Lola and Nicole playing in a small train, in a pirate boat and regular boat, and so on.

Sitting nearby, and watching him being so excited, Lillian came closer to him.

She clearly saw him sending pictures.

She then finally understood one thing. After she had

e smiled, and looking aside, she said, "No, thanks. You can go all by yourself and there's no need for us to meet each other ever again." Her attitude towards him was obvious.

A touch of sadness flowed from Harry's eyes. He held her to his chest, "Please tell me what I should do to make you forgive me!" Maybe it was because she was hurt that she felt her heart so cold.

He wouldn't care anymore, no matter how bad her manner of speaking was.

She pushed him away. "Please, don't waste any more time on me." She looked straight into his eyes, and said, "My heart is cold now, and frozen. Just let me be."

He held her hands. "I'll warm it up again. I can't live without you, Lola. I just can't!"

She had felt the same about him in the past, but he had pushed her away again and again.

Her eyes turned red and then she stood up from the bed. "That's enough, Mr. Si. I'm not interested in what you have to say. Please just go now."

"Come with me." He also stood up, and with his hands inside his pockets he looked down at her.

"That's impossible!"

On hearing this, the man looked at her for a little while longer and then finally left the room.

When the door was finally closed behind him, she could not help crying. She had succeeded in driving him away. But why did her heart hurt? Why did she feel so sad now?

At the LN

Sitting in a hanging chair, Lola listened to the lead manager reporting on the recent work.

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