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   Chapter 343 Instantaneous Mood Reversal

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Lola, indifferently looking at the bowl of soup in front of her with red dates, tremellas, medlars and other ingredients, firmly refused it, and said, "I don't want it."

Harry was holding a fork in his hands, and he suddenly became a little bit stiff, and said, "Or I could just feed it to you with my mouth?" If she really wanted that, he would've been willing to do it.

He had threatened her again! "I'll drink it later."

The man then felt satisfied, and he seemed to be thinking of something when he stared at the indifferent woman sitting opposite to him. "You promised to remarry me while we were in bed last night."

Lola stopped eating her lunch and tried her best to recall what she had said.

It might have been when she was begging him to stop. He said that he would stop only if she promised to remarry him, and she had no choice but to do this.

"And you believed a woman's words when she was having sex with you?" She spoke to him without any concern and then continued to have her lunch.

... This time, Harry was left speechless. He wondered whether he could trust in her words or not. He had believed every one of her words up until this moment!

"Lola, don't displease me, " he said. Pretending to be angry, he then put down his fork on the table.

The woman didn't even look at him, but replied, "You had had sex with me all night. Did I displease you then? You weren't satisfied with me now, were you?" She now looked at him with a threatening emotion in her eyes.

Harry couldn't help but smile back to her. He picked up the fork and continued to eat his lunch again. "I couldn't have dared to be displeased when my wife said she was pleased." Harry would comprise to win her back!

Lola swallowed the spaghetti in her mouth, and then said, "Another thing: don't call me 'wife' again. I'm already another guy's fiancee. Now I've become a skittish woman because of you. Would you die if you didn't bother me at least a single day?" Thinking of her own current situation, she could not find any difference between herself and the women who were straddling at two boats at the same time! She was particularly annoyed.

The man leisurely ate the spaghetti in his plate. After swallowing, he said, "I could get rid of your skittish woman reputation at any time, as long as you wish it. And yes, actually I would die if I didn't bother you every day."

He pointed out the three words "I wo

them, held the two of them in his arms, and said, "My dear wife and my dear Nicole, I love you two very much."

"Daddy, Nicole also loves you very much!" Nicole hugged Harry's neck almost in an instant.

But Lola quickly got rid of his hand, "Try and be serious!" You could imagine the scene in which the ice-cold president disgustingly said the words 'I love you'.

Tut, tut, tut, it was amazing.

Later in the afternoon, Lola drove Nicole to the amusement park.

Pitiful Harry had to deal with his company matters in the study room, and helplessly watched Lola and Nicole driving away.

But, in order to provide the two people an even brighter future, he had to be even more hard-working.

Inside the amusement park, Lola was cheerfully looking at Nicole's happy smile.

Her Nicole had grown up to such a cute girl from the several kilograms she had when she was born. 'How time flies!' she thought.

At dinner time, Lola took Nicole back to her own family.

Today, almost all of her family members had reunited together. Joseph and Lillian came back from C country, and Harold and his wife had also returned.

Also, Lola had come back home with Nicole. All in all, it was a scarce reunion for them.

A family with four generations of members at the table was enjoying the overflowing happiness.

At night, Lola laid beside Nicole. When Nicole was finally asleep, she unlocked her mobile phone.

She sent a message to Thomas Herren on Wechat, "Thomas, I'm so sorry. I can't be your fiancee." She would give him the ring back at an appropriate time. For now, it was all that she could do.

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