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   Chapter 342 Don't Hang up the Phone

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Lola left the Li family in a hurry and deliberately quickened her pace when she passed her brother's room.

However, after thinking it for a second, Lola still decided to say something before she left. She shouted in the hallway, "Wendy, I'm leaving now and won't come back tonight."

The reply she got was a scream coming from their bedroom; Lola then went downstairs in an instant with her red face covered by her hands.

As she was just walking outside the door, Lola's phone rang again.

She answered, and said impatiently, "Don't rush me anymore! I'm already on my way!"

The man on the other side of the phone then laughed, and said, "You don't have to come over now, it's too late. You can come tomorrow morning if you like." However, if she insisted on coming, he would pick her up.

Lola gnashed her teeth in anger. The man was so disgusting that she really wanted to step on his face and smash it with her high heels.

"You don't want me to come over? I'm definitely coming then!" Now, Lola just wanted to go against his will.

"If you insist, I'll come and pick you up. Wait for me at the door." Harry was worried to let Lola drive all by herself so late at night.

Lola curled her mouth and then opened her car's door, and said, "I know you're an old, experienced driver, but I'm also not too bad at it."

An old driver*? There was something in what she said!

(*TN: Old driver in Chinese is a slang to describe those men who are experienced in making tricky jokes about love, sex.)

"Be good, and wait for me to pick you up." Harry then heard Lola starting the car after he had just finished his sentence. She was disobedient!

Failing to persuade her in any way, Harry had no choice but to say, "Don't hang up the phone then, just let the call run."

Don't hang up the phone? Let the call run? Lola put the phone aside without understanding why.

Listening to the sound coming from the other side of the house, Harry went downstairs and turned on all the street lights at the villa's gates and waited for Lola in front of the door.

There were occasional car horns coming from the other side of the line, which made Harry rest assured.

After half an hour later, a car with flashing lights appeared in Harry's line of sight.

He hung up the phone and strode towards the car with a smile on his face.

Lola got out of the car and then locked it. She looked at the healthy man and found herself to be cheated. "Didn't you say you got a cold?"

Harry took the car's key from Lola's hand, pulled her in

what Lola called him by. She had answered him, "Honey!"

But, Lola then suddenly opened her eyes, sat up in bed, and started to snap out of it.

Looking confused at Harry, who was smiling, Lola shook her head in disdain. 'No! This is not right!' she thought. She wasn't in C Country and Harry was her enemy!

Then, Lola remembered what Harry did to her last night. She got out of the quilt and walked straight into the bathroom.

Looking at Lola's smooth back, Harry felt his throat suddenly burning.

"Darling..." Harry followed Lola into the bathroom shamelessly, but was mercilessly pushed out by her.

"Don't make a mistake! I'm not your wife!" said Lola. Then she closed the bathroom's door in a haste, leaving Harry outside.

Harry was upset but, however, he smiled with satisfaction when he remembered what had happened between them last night. "Honey, come down for lunch after!" shouted Harry at the bathroom's door before leaving.

Lola splashed some cold water on her face and then looked at herself in the mirror; there were many hickeys on her body.

Lola clenched her fist and wondered how did she make love with Harry again after swearing all this time to keep away from him?

And how could she still marry Herren after what happened last night?

She could never get rid of this shameless man. She thought that she should tell Herren the whole truth, or otherwise she would become a fickle woman.

At lunch

Harry put a bowl of soup in front of Lola, and said, "You should eat more for the extra nourishment." She had suffered too much for him, and even her legs had been broken for three months because of him. He had to find a way to make it up for her.

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