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   Chapter 341 Stay out All Night

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Harry lifted his eyebrows in suspicion. Why was she so silent and good-natured all the way back home? It was really strange. Something must be up in her mind.

Lola opened the door to the villa and turned on the lights. She secretly put the car key into her purse while Harry wasn't paying attention to her.

Then she took Harry's arm and led him to the second floor.

Lola helped Harry sit on the bed. Harry was bewildered as he looked at Lola. Why was she suddenly so sweet?

Then Lola voluntarily removed his slippers...

Harry lifted his eyebrows once again while observing her movements.

These was absolutely not the things Lola would do under this situation. She was planning something. He could sense it.

Feeling the glance from Harry's sharp eyes, Lola felt a little bit nervous but she pretended to be calm and pushed him down to the bed. She sweetly whispered into his ear, "Mr. Si, it's time to sleep."

She lay down beside him. His eyes turned deeper. Every time she acted like this, something bad would happen.

Harry warned himself over and over again, but finally he gave in to Lola...

Around 10 minutes later

Lola quickly got up from Harry's bed and hurried out of the bedroom to the first floor.

Watching her run away like wind, Harry still lay in the bed and closed his eyes. It seemed that Lola was really strange tonight. He could not understand her.

After a few minutes, Harry got his breathing in control, and went into the bathroom to take a cold shower.

How brave Lola was! She dared to flirt with him and run away later! She would pay for this.

Lola blushed while her heart was beating so fast! But she quickly took out the key in her purse and opened the car door. She drove Harry's Lamborghini onto the way back to the Li family.

Once the car's engine was started, she felt relieved as she was sure that Harry could never catch up with her.

At the Li family

Jordan put his charming sleeping son into his little bed.

Wendy was walking out of the bathroom when she saw Jordan kissing their son's forehead gently.

She smiled and whispered to him, "Is he asleep already?"

Jordan stood up and nodded. Then he walked to her and touched her shoulder. "Honey, were you scared and nervous today?" He was talking about Sharon.

Wendy laughed and smirked. "Don't fo

to him.

"I'm not joking. I got sick. Come and take care of me! Ahem ahem ahem!" She couldn't tell if the sudden cough was real or not.

How did he catch a cold? But he was healthy and active just some time ago...

"Does that have anything to do with me?" She had laid down on the bed and didn't have the energy to get up anymore

"Ahem ahem ahem..." Harry didn't talk anymore but just coughed again and again.

He coughed so bad but Lola didn't believe him at all. She knew it just a ploy to force her to come back to him.

"Mr. Si, I'm already in bed. Please don't disturb me anymore."

It took around 30 minutes from Harry's villa to Lola's. It would really hassle her if she came back. Harry sneered. Did she really want to lie to him?

"Nicole will come back tomorrow." Hearing the tired voice from Harry, Lola suddenly sat up on the bed. Was Nicole really coming back from A Country tomorrow?

Oh, gosh! She could see Nicole again! She was so excited that she almost cried her heart out. She could see her baby tomorrow! Was it true? How excited she was!

"But, Lola. If you don't show up right now, you couldn't see Nicole tomorrow." The truth was, even if she won't come back tonight, he would let her see Nicole anyway. He needed it so that he could win her heart back.

Lola certainly knew what would happen if she returned to Harry's villa now. The bad man was so mean! He was always so vengeful!

Whatever. She was already used to Harry torturing her. It was not a new thing anymore. For Nicole, she would do anything!

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