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   Chapter 340 You are Mine

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He... He didn't leave. That somehow set Lola at ease. She felt a bit relieved.

After a handshake with Jordan and warm greetings with Wendy, Vern Mu beamed to Lola, "Young lady, you must have been waiting for a while. I hope you don't mind me being late because of the traffic jam. I was unfortunately stuck in the rush hour."

Lola stood up, with Colin in her arms. She shook her head with a sweet smile, "I just arrived not too long ago. Please make yourself comfortable."

Vern Mu was led to the seat of honor. At the sight of Collin in Lola's arms, he stuffed a red packet as a gift to the little boy.

Harry passed by Vern Mu and stopped beside Lola. After putting his cigarettes and lighter on the table, he sat down beside her.

Lola instantly noticed the tobacco smell in Harry, and figured, "Did Harry just go out to smoke without telling me?"

Harry looked at Colin, then unexpectedly held the baby tightly in his arms.

But what Harry added then completely threw away Lola's suspicions about him. "It would be the best if you can have another cute baby with me. Would you want that too?" He stared at Colin, thinking Nicole must have been that cute when she was a baby. He never saw Nicole when she was still a little baby...

But Jordan heard this and he was upset. "Boss Si, Lola has given birth to Nicole in grave danger. We didn't even know if she would survive the pregnancy. You would be asking too much to have another baby."

Instead of being agitated, Harry stared at Lola and said affectionately, "I can remarry you as soon as tomorrow if you want." He clearly spelled out his wish. He wanted to say this for a long time now.

So now the final decision should be made not by him, but Lola.

... Lola took Collin from Harry and smirked, "I don't want it. Do you still remember that I don't want to be with you anymore?"

Jordan watched them start confronting each other. He felt a sudden headache and just remained an outsider. He knew where this will end up, anyway.

Harry then fiddled with Colin's cute little hand. He seemed to be enjoying his time with the baby.

At the same time, he said firmly and determinedly as if no one was there, "You are mine." He always had everything the way he wanted. He could always get everything he desired.


With the dishes arranged beforehand, the waiter soon began serving the tasty dishes.

Harry told the waiter to open two bottles of quality expensive wine and filled the three men's

ho paid the bill.

After everything was done and arranged, Harry told Jordan, "I drank too much. I need Lola to take me home. If it gets too late, she can spend the night at my place."

.... Lola fixed her eyes on the confident Harry and wondered, "How can he be so arrogant?"

Jordan glanced at Lola and said to her, "You make your own decision." It was really a hassle to deal with this couple. They may be displaying their affection for some time. Then a dispute may erupt the next minute. Jordan would not want to get involved with this anymore.

Harry stared at her as well, his eyes full of threat and warning.

"Jordan, you go home first." She will come back later. Lola convinced herself.

Wendy held Collin in her arms while Jordan put the stroller in the trunk of the car.

"Lola, we'll go home then. You better drive slowly to be safe." Jordan came over to take the baby and helped Wendy get on the car first.


The military car drove away. Lola extended her right hand to Harry and then the car key was put on her hand.

They got on the car together. Lola sat on the driver's seat and started the engine while Harry took the seat beside her and closed his eyes.

He drank too much. He had mixed feelings a while ago. He was in a bad mood first, then he drank again to feel good.

Anyway, he indeed drank too much tonight. He was not feeling really well.

All trip long, Lola remained quiet with her head full of ideas about how to prank him.

Crescent Spring.

When Harry got off, he has been wobbling on his feet. He can't walk straight.

He waved to Lola who then walked towards him and held his hand.

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