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   Chapter 339 All Will Turn Out Well

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Lola felt a bit sleepy and put the popcorn aside.

Harry's eyes were fixed on the screen, but he could still see her in the corner of his eye. His attention was concentrated on Lola.

He moved closer to her so that she could rest on his shoulder. Soon after, Lola eventually fell asleep.

Harry also got bored and started to play in his mobile phone.

The movie was portraying a scene where a man and a woman held each other happily after not seeing each other for a long time.

He glanced at the woman sleeping next to him, and remembered Eason's reminder.

"If something happened... in the black movie hall. That must be awesome."

In the black movie hall? What did he mean by that? There was a tricky smile, like a smirk, on his face. He put back the phone in his pocket and let Lola sleep soundly in his arms.

Then he kissed her on the lips. Lola was just in a shallow slumber so she woke up as soon as she felt Harry's kiss.

.... This damn playboy always took advantage of her!

She pushed his head away. Harry let her go for a while and immediately pulled her back.

He let Lola sit on his lap with her back to his face. "Just watch the movie."

How could she just watch the movie like nothing was happening? She's not a fool. She certainly could feel something...

Harry embraced Lola in his arms. Lola realized what he wanted to do. She tried so hard to push him away and quickly stood up.

What a good opportunity this was! They were alone...He would not let her go easily.

Neither of them admitted defeat to another.

Finally! "Harry, I'll get angry if you continue to do this. I won't go with you anymore." She tried to stand up and walk away twice but she was pulled back again and again.

.... He just turned a deaf ear to her warning. He didn't care at all!

This damn bastard! He could not control himself! She looked at the screen silently. The movie sucks!

At the end of the movie, Lola adjusted her dress and walked towards the wash room.

Harry saw her rush away and smiled in satisfaction. The feeling was really good. This was a new experience. He would invite her to watch a movie another time in the future.

He walked out of the theater and went to the comfort room to prevent her from going

I will live together happily for the rest of our lives."

Can we really live together happily? Go to hell with your so-called happiness! Lola closed her eyes again to cover the bitterness in her heart. "Don't you understand? We can't be happy anymore from the moment I jumped off the hospital. When I did that, I already let go of you!"

After a long time of awkward silence in the room, Harry stood up and walked out of the room.

Lola felt a little guilty at the sight of him walking out. He has never done this to her before.

Was he already leaving?

An arrogant man like him would like to please and tolerate her... Has she gone too far? Was she too hard on him?

Several minutes later, Jordan and Wendy came inside the room with her little nephew in a pushchair.

Lola cleared up her negative feelings and stood up, "Come here, Colin. How are you?" A sincere and sweet smile appeared on her face. She carried her nephew out of the pushchair. He was really a pill of happiness for her.

Jordan saw that there was only her in the room and asked, "Where is he? "

Lola's expression changed a little. "He probably left." She answered in an unsure tone.

Wendy and Jordan glanced at each other. What was wrong with them? They were really like cats and mice!

Looking at Lola who was playing with Colin, Jordan wanted to say something. But he didn't want to upset her so he didn't say anything anymore.

After a while, the door was opened by the waiter. It was Harry and Vern Mu.

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