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   Chapter 338 So Bold and Daring

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Harry let go of her hands and applauded in an indifferent way. "How touching is that----you don't mind being with the poor guy. But how about him? What's the use of his presence if he couldn't even support you?"

Lola slapped his hands and angrily put up a question, "Harry, are you masochistic or what? You're crazy." She treated him that badly, but he never showed any sign of giving up on her.

Hearing Lola's question, Harry grinned and whispered, "If you are sadistic, then I would be masochistic." He wouldn't mind where or how the abuse will happen, as long as the abuser will be her.

Lola, blushed, raised his hand and gave it a very hard bite. Yet Harry acted as if nothing happened----he just kissed the bite mark.


Lola felt she really needed a break from Harry. She wanted something peaceful. She wanted to be away from this playboy. So she just leaned back against the chair and enjoyed the view outside.

Their chauffeur found a large movie theater for them. Harry, with his sunglasses on, took the initiative to get off the car.

The charming man in the white shirt soon captured a lot of attention, especially that of the giggling girls.

Even with sunglasses on, his handsomeness could not be hidden. Plenty of women suddenly stood still and stared at him.

In fact, Lola really liked it when he wore a white shirt. It made him look neat and pretty.

So Harry wore white shirt almost all year long----just what she wanted. He wanted Lola to admire him more.

At this moment, Harry extended a hand to her and helped Lola get off the car. Lola gently put her hand on his.

The pretty couple in the fancy car instantly got the attention of almost everybody.

Quite a few people recognized Harry and Lola. But they were too timid to step forward. They just stood aside excitedly. They wanted to have a picture with them but they were a bit shy.

Harry held Lola's hands and walked inside. Some girls in the crowd have begun shouting excitedly, "Harry!"

But Harry never even looked at them and just led his woman inside the mall.

Lola looked at Harry gripping her hands firmly----so high-profile, unlike his style. He never wanted to show his affection in public.

They used to go out as well. But their dates were basically during the night or to somewhere where people seldom go

ed the popcorn to his mouth and he chewed slowly.

"This is too sweet. Can you finish the whole bag of it? Really?" He asked incredulously.

Lola responded after chewing a popcorn in her mouth, "Sure. Give me another bag and I promise you I can finish it as well." Watching a movie without eating was no pleasure at all.

Lola ate up the whole bucket of popcorn before the movie started.

Harry immediately stood up and went to the door of the screening room. Lola didn't bother to ask what he was going to do. But Harry returned soon.

Lola opened the bottle, drank the fresh water and then put it down while Harry just took the opened bottle and poured the water to his mouth.

"There is an unopened bottle of water." Before, he was so afraid of germs and dust. But now, he didn't mind drinking the water she has just drank..

"The water you just drank was cleaner."

... What? That doesn't make sense. He really must have changed...

Forget about it. Just leave this strange man alone. The intense fight scene in the movie soon attracted Lola's focus.

She didn't even notice the staff who were delivering food to them.

It was just after Harry stuffed a whole bucket of popcorn in her hands did she notice it.

"Well, thank you! Do you want some more?" She asked politely and as expected, Harry shook his head.

She then began devouring the popcorn. Mmmm...

It was a foreign movie. At the beginning, it was quite interesting. Lola missed her time in the entertainment industry. But half an hour later, it became boring.

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