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   Chapter 336 Beat Her Until She Has a Pig's Face

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He called one of the bodyguards over, and then pointed to Wendy and her son. "Send them back home, " he ordered. After giving the key to the bodyguard, he caught by her hand and went together in the car.

Lola waved to Wendy, and said, "You go home first; I'll be back later. "

Wendy looked at Harry, who would take good care of Lola. She nodded and then went towards the car with her son.

On her way back, Wendy called Jordan and told him all about what had happened.

When he made sure that Wendy and their son were all right, Jordan then called his sister.

"Brother, " answered Lola.

Jordan then got quickly into the car. "Give the phone to Harry."

Although Lola was puzzled, she still passed her phone to the man who was holding her tightly.

"Mr. Li." Harry was polite with him, since he would be his brother soon.

"Where are you taking them? I'll go there right now." He wouldn't let them go so easily, and thought that they should pay for their deeds.

Harry told him the V Hall's address and then drove in that direction right away.

Lola took the phone from him and tried to pull her hand out of his big palm. Instead of letting her go, Harry kissed her beaten cheek.

"Is it still hurting?" He swore that he would cut that woman's hand!

She shook her head, a little shy. He took liberty with her again, and Lola said, "Go away. It doesn't hurt anymore!" She pushed him and then gazed out of the window so she didn't have to look at him any longer.

Harry wanted to kiss her red face. He waited for her to turn around and then kissed her red lips.


He kissed her unexpectedly and without worry.

Even before the drive, he kissed her unembarrassed.

But Lola pinched his waist, and he felt her protest, and eventually released her.

This made Lola realize that she couldn't be fooled by his sexiness anymore.

In the V Hall

Harry ordered towels and ice, and made the ice packs for Lola by himself.

He never forgot that Yolanda had beaten her in the manor in the past, and his eyes

t she was a murderer, her reputation having been ruined by this guy!

Harry chuckled while holding the ice pack in his hand. Everyone was astounded, including Vern Mu.

Only the man's low voice was heard then. " What about I compensate you with myself for it?" Killing two birds with one stone was a good idea!


What Harry said made everyone even more surprised.

Lola was ashamed and angry. He had the nerve to flirt with her in front of so many people!

"I don't want you. Tell them, am I really a murderer?"

All people were bewildered by her direct refusal. They thought that she must be a fool. How could she refuse such an outstanding man?

Harry turned serious, and without looking at Sharon, her ordered, "Pull out her tongue, just in case she goes out and talks nonsense again!"

Lola looked at him astounded. Was he serious? If he did, would he be arrested on charges of torture?

"Wait, Harry, she is already very miserable now. She's even lost her child. Just send her away out of A Country."

Wendy was a bad woman, but Lola didn't want Harry to get into any more trouble because of this.

"Lola, you are merciful. Have you ever thought that if Harry hadn't arrived in time today, what would have happened to you, Wendy and Colin?" said Jordan to his sister. He also understood that women aren't as ruthless as men are.

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