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   Chapter 335 The Baby was Missing

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"Lola!" She heard a man's gentle voice and then she looked at the caller's ID. Now she knew who really was on the other end of the line, and she couldn't help but blame herself for her ignorance. She should've figured it out already that the one to whom she was speaking to was Harry.

She then hung up without uttering a single word.

But Harry called her back. She dismissed his call, and Harry then called again, over and over again.

She had no other choice but to answer the phone. "I'll call you non-stop if you still keep hanging up on me, " said Harry straightforwardly.

"I have to get in touch with Jordan; it's something urgent. Can you just stop dialing my number for a minute!" Lola shouted furiously in the phone.

Outside, with plenty of bystanders around them, Wendy and the tattooed man were already fighting each other.

"What happened? Tell me all about it." He could've also solved their problem.

Whatever. Quite worried by what was happening, Lola told Harry the whole story in a rush. "At the third floor of QY Mall, outside the baby aisle, someone is picking on us. My sister-in-law is already fighting with a man. It's a quite urgent situation." After she told him the whole story, she suddenly realized that Harry might be in a better position to help them with this issue.

"I'm already on my way." He was staying in A Country just for her. So her business was his business, and if she ever was in trouble, he would rush to her in the blink of an eye.

After making several other calls, , Harry hastily drove to the QY Mall.

Wendy was quite a match for the man. When she saw that Lola was speaking on the phone, Sharon walked over to her to snatch it, but Lola had already finished talking with Harry.

"Has the murderer called for back-up?" Her loud jest made the onlookers stare at Lola curiously.

Lola was less worried now that she knew that Harry would soon arrive. She retorted, "If you keep talking nonsense, I'll sew your mouth shut with needles and threads."

Sharon looked at Jordan's baby in the stroller and then at hers. A spark grew in her eyes. His baby's clothes and stroller were much better than hers.

"Oh. You killed your fiance's mother but are upset when others

arry, felt quite envious on her.

With so many passers-by, Lola felt quite coy with Harry's intimacy. She removed Harry's hand shyly from caressing her face.

But Lola's hand was grasped by Harry's.

She walked with Harry to Wendy, and asked, "Are you alright?" Wendy shook her head; she was OK, she had just taken a kick.

Harry was, after all a public figure, and dealing with this matter here, out in the open air, may have had a bad impact on him later. He said, "Take them away from here. She also has a baby, take the baby as well." Lola looked around but couldn't see Sharon's baby.

Sharon remembered of her baby it was now nowhere to be found.

Her baby was missing.

Sharon was a mother, and seeing that her baby was missing, Sharon broke down in a loud cry. "No, No! Where is my baby? Ray!" She struggled to free herself from the guards' grasp but all of her efforts were in vain.

Lola looked at her without any sympathy. She blamed her, and said, "You gave your baby to a random guy just so you could bully others. You deserve it."

Inside the mall sill, Sharon's screams for her baby echoed loud. Harry held Lola's shoulder and then they left.

Before getting in the car, Harry dialed a number, and ordered, "Bring them to V Hall."

After the call ended, Lola didn't want to go with Harry. She said, "My car is in the parking lot." She wanted to drive herself home.

Lola looked at Harry's hand confused as he grabbed her bag and got out her car keys.

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