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   Chapter 334 Murderer

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7447

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"I know exactly what I'm doing. But for you, Mr. Herren, if you insist on still pestering her, please don't blame me if something bad ever happens to you." That wasn't to say that he would kill him. He could do something else.

The contest between the two men was constant, but it was easy to see who had the upper hand.

"Mr. Si, that would happen only if you could get me from A country to Crown Province. May I ask if you have any other place in mind for me?" Harry's SL group was really influential. Many people acted at his beck not to offend him.

"How can you offer her happiness when one day you'll have nothing?" Uttering these words, Harry then left the LN.

What Harry meant was that he would not only deprive him of his position, but would also make sure that he would be so poor that he would never be able to support a woman.

Harry left confidently. Looking at him leaving, Herren clenched his fists. He mocked himself that he would bring about his own destruction only because of his ambition to fight for a woman with Harry.

Lola's phone rang when she came to a crossing. It was Harry, and she rejected his call without even the slightest hesitation.

Now she didn't want to talk with anybody. She wanted just to be left alone!

A woman sitting in a red BMW by the roadside saw Lola and showed a look of resentment on her face.

'Lola Li, I finally meet you. It was because of you that I did three months of prison!'

Michelle Wu had sworn that she would have her revenge on Lola.

When the traffic lights turned green, the woman left the crossing with acrimony; Lola didn't have the slightest idea about it.

Lola took a taxi and went back home.

When she arrived, it was just time for lunch. She forced a smile on her face to amuse her little nephew and then began to have lunch.

Lillian had gone to C Country and all the other people were busy in the army. Now, only Lola, Landon and Wendy were having lunch together.

"Lola, how's the café going nowadays?" Wendy looked at the absent-minded Lola and knew that again something was bothering and pestering her.

'It must have something to do with Harry, ' she thought. Lola hadn't come back home last night.

When Wendy had asked

y that she came at Lola amok.

Wendy, while holding the baby in her arms, saw this, and immediately kicked Sharon in her stomach, which let Lola escape from her attack.

Sharon covered her sore stomach with her hands and squatted on the ground for some time.

Wendy was trained in taekwondo and no one could've ever endured the pain caused by her kicking blow.

It was a long time before Sharon felt the pain ease. She then took back her child from the man near her, and demanded, "Beat them up! How dare she kicks me? Kill them!" She, Sharon, was the head woman. How dare a mistress kick her? She must be taught a lesson!

The man with tattoos, who was also trained, cracked his neck, and said, "Who should be the first one?"

The baby held by Sharon was theirs. At the very first beginning, in order to fool Jordan, Sharon chose to sleep with this man.

She pointed to Wendy, who was holding her baby in her arms. "Beat her up first!" she said.

Seeing Sharon pointing at her, Wendy handed the baby to Lola, and said, "If you want to fight, let's get out of here."

Then they all went out of the baby store. Wendy was already warming up, and she was ready to fight.

Lola put her nephew back in the carriage and took out her phone and was just about to call on her elder brother.

Harry had just called her in the meantime, so she pulled down the call records to find her elder brother's number.

She dialed it in a hurry, and instead called Harry by mistake.

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