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   Chapter 333 I'll Take You Away from Him

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6676

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She wouldn't go with him. Would he really get the certificate without her?

Then, Harry chose to change his strategy. "After we're remarried, I promise you can do whatever you want and it will be the same as it now is. I won't meddle in your affairs. Besides, Nicole will stay with you."

The conditions of the agreement were tempting, and Lola was almost convinced.

"It's a trick. I won't remarry you, just forget about it. Harry you can't keep treating me like this!" Immediately after she uttered these words, she stood up from her seat, rushed to the living room, picked up her handbag and then walked outside the villa.

Harry stopped her within several big steps, "Lola!" He had messed up again.

She threw away his hand in disdain and wanted to open the door. But it was still locked. She was so angry that she hit her bag against the lock, and shouted at Harry, "Open the door!"

Once again, Harry held the angry woman in his arms and comforted her. "Lola, you promise me that you will not be in contact with Thomas Herren anymore and I won't go to D City today."

Lola pounded her fists against his chest, and said, "Just let go of me, I don't want to be with you anymore." He could've strangled her to death if he wanted to.

But Harry simply kissed her on her lips and stopped all of her grumbles.

Lola was almost enchanted by Harry's scent.

Seeing her so distressed, he finally took the key, which was sitting the shelf next to the door, and opened it for her.

Lola looked at him doubtful and then looked at the shelf. Was she blind last night? Why didn't she see the key standing right in front of her eyes last evening?

Harry then drove her to LN. He followed as she went inside the coffee shop.

Harry sat opposite to Lola and started to check his business files.

She glanced at the waiters in her shop. Why didn't they throw his files away, just like garbage?

She tied her long hair, went to the bar, made a cup of coffee all by herself, and then pla

n she looked back, she saw Harry standing up from the table with one hand in his pocket and the other holding onto her wrist.

He looked cold serious.

They remained silent for a while, which attracted the looks of all the customers present in the shop.

Two handsome man vied for a beautiful woman.

"Lola, if you dare go with him today, he will not survive the afternoon." The thought of killing Thomas deepened inside Harry's heart.

Hearing the warning, Thomas still smiled at the woman, and said, "Don't be scared, I'll take you away from him."

Harry stared at Lola coldly, and said, "Are you sure you want to make me angry?" He didn't care if she was scared. All he wanted is that she stayed there, with him.

Lola was furious at the two men holding her both hands. What was all this about?

She shook off their hands and then pointed to the door of the shop, and said, "Both of you, get out of here! Don't ever come to me again!"

She would rather be alone for a lifetime from now on than to mess around foolishly like this!

However, the two men just looked at her indifferently; none of them wanted to leave.

Lola had no choice but to leave the shop herself, without turning her head back.

Thomas Herren wiped off his kindness and asked Harry sharply, "Are you going to push her to death again?"

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