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   Chapter 332 Carried over His Shoulder

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7110

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The next room was the same. And so were all the rooms on the second floor.

It seemed that Harry would not let her off so easily tonight.

What should she do? What about leaving the place? Since she had left Li Manor, there was no need to worry anymore about his threats.

She walked down the flight of stairs quietly, and finding her bag, she was ready to leave.

However, she could not open the villa's door. What was happening? Lola tried to unlock it, but in vain.

Then she went to the window, and to her surprise, she opened it with little effort.

After she opened it, she fetched a chair and then climbed up to it.

But when she looked down, she saw a bunch of thorny flowers. She would be a mess if she jumped down onto them.

She had to give up her current endeavor; she found another window and also opened it.

Outside the window she saw that there was only grass, and so she stepped out of the window with one foot first.

"What are you doing?" She heard the man's voice coming from behind.

She was so scared that she almost fell off the window. She lost her footing, standing with one foot outside the window.

She had to grab the window tightly in her arms and wait to be saved.

Harry came to her as fast as he could and carried her down.

He had known that she would plan on running away, so he had made sure that the door was locked up.

But, unexpectedly, she had decided to escape out the window. How much did she really hate him?

She felt dizzy. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she was carried over his shoulder.

"Put me down, I feel terrible!" She implored him with her weak strength. It was disgusting for her to be on his shoulder.

Harry ignored every one of her words and then threw her on the bed.

He soon pressed his body against her, and asked, "You want to run away, eh?"

Lola blinked for a while and then came back to senses. She put her hands against his chest, and said, "Get up, get away from me!"

He felt her warm hands against his chest and calmed down.

He jumped down from bed. "Go and take a bath. Honestly, I don't know what wil

as far from it.

But Harry just picked up another piece of toast, and said, "You think more about it." He really thought that he could remarry her.

She took a bite off the toast and then placed it on the plate in front of her. "Nobody can change my choice." He certainly could not decide on her fate.

"I'll try." Harry then also put down the piece of toast and then wiped his mouth. He went in the guest room and called Joey on his cellphone.

"Fly the plane to Crescent Spring... Yes, now."

Then he put down the phone and got back at the table.

Lola asked him nothing, although she was very curious.

Eating the breakfast quietly, Harry asked, "Would you like to go to D City and remarry?" It would have been better if she had agreed to go.


She asked innocently, "Who are you remarrying?"

Harry darted a glance at her, and said, "I can get the marriage certificate only with Lola." Only with Lola!

She didn't know what to say next.

"Harry, you can't do it. I can't and won't remarry you." She glanced at him with a stern look on her eyes.

After Harry put the dishes inside the dishwasher, he came and sat next to her.

"I want to remarry you." He thought he could do it as long as he really wanted it.

Lola stood up nervously, and while staring in his eyes, she said, "Why should I even listen to you? Why do I have to remarry you? That can't happen! I won't remarry you!"

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